Star War: Count Down The Saga’s Top 10 Monsters With This Video

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

The Star Wars saga, like any good space opera set in a far, far away galaxy, is full of imaginative creatures, nasty little bugs, and straight up terrifying monsters. J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII is sure to continue this tradition, but for now, we’ll have to make due with our favorites from the original trilogy, and, begrudgingly, the prequels. This new video ranks all of the beasties, from the creepy crawly all the way up to the I-might-eat-your-spaceship.

This is part of the Star Wars 10, where the staff of gets together and compiles a top ten list of various elements within the wider universe. And this time, as you no doubt inferred from the previous paragraph, their focus is on hideous monsters. Given that Halloween just passed us by, this is a subject at the forefront of many of our minds, not to mention it’s a topic near and dear to our hearts during the rest of the year as well.

Drawing from the original trilogy, as well as the prequels and The Clone Wars, this list is unofficial, though considering where it came from, and the fact that there’s no kind of real governing body in place, this is about as official as you’re likely to get in this scenario. And it’s a lot of fun to boot. Granted, there may be some qualms and arguments about this list and the position of each vicious critter, but the top two are hard to quarrel with.

You can get this from the video above, but here’s the list and what they have to say about each entry:

10. Nexu – Kicking off our list is the Nexu: a hideous mix of feline and rodent. This smaller, quicker, more animal-like creature brings an unnerving eye-level element to Star Wars monsters. Pro-tip: avoid close-encounters.

9. Dianoga – The first real creature seen in a Star Wars movie, the dianoga is a slimy, tentacled menace with a taste for Jedi trainees. The dianoga’s ability to stay hidden makes it even more frightening: You know it’s lurking, watching, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

8. Brain Worm – If you can’t tell by its name, the brain worm is the hands down winner in the creepy department. This slithering parasite enters a host through the nasal passage and then takes control of their mind and body. Think that’s bad? You don’t want to see how it leaves.

7. Sando Aqua Monster – The sando aqua monster is one of the biggest creatures in the galaxy, and a fierce predator. Featuring a massive tail, two strong arms, and a big, big mouth, it’s completely awe-inspiring.

6. Acklay – A huge, snarling, crab-like thing, the acklay has sharp claws, pointed fangs, and is rather…ill-tempered. If you’re ever battling one, it’s best to use a weapon other than a pike. You might make it angry.

5. Space Slug – The aptly-named Space Slug illustrates the danger-is-everywhere element of Star Wars, and how once you think you’re safe, you’ve probably just run into—literally, in this case—a much bigger problem.

4. Sarlacc – From its hideous teeth-lined ridges to its sickening squeals to other…unsavory…qualities, there’s no creature in the galaxy like the Sarlacc. Located in the deserts of Tatooine, the Sarlacc waits for prey to cross its path—or for someone to get on Jabba’s bad side.

3. Zillo Beast – With a name that recalls a very famous movie monster, the Zillo Beast is a huge creature accidentally unleashed during a Clone Wars battle. While there’s a tragic element to the Zillo Beast and its movements are graceful, it is still awesomely powerful and can do a lot of damage.

2. Wampa – Quiet. Strong. Deadly. The wampa, a hulking behemoth covered in white fur, stalks the snowy Hoth landscape looking for prey—and eats multiple-course meals. If your tauntaun smells something, head in the other direction. Fast.

1. Rancor – It feasts on Twi’lek dancers and Gammorrean Guards. Its roar is deafening. And it’s Jabba the Hutt’s favorite pet. Ranking number one on our list is the rancor, the most famous of all Star Wars monsters, and a classic movie monster in its own right. The rancor’s design is a total triumph—familiar yet uniquely Star Wars at the same time — and simultaneously impressive and horrifying. If there’s one place in a galaxy far, far away that we don’t want to visit, it’s the rancor pit—and that’s why we think the rancor is the best Star Wars monster.

RancorStar Wars: Episode VII opens everywhere on December 18, 2015, kicking off the massive expansion of the cinematic universe, and you can bet that, along with that, will come some kickass new monsters. While we look forward to encountering them, let us know which of these is your favorite, where you think they should be ranked, and if they left off any of your personal favorites.

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