Robopocalypse Author’s The Nostalgist Becoming Short Film

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Author Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse made quite an impression last year, with the book generating plenty of buzz among sci-fi fans, and even getting the attention of Steven Spielberg, who is making a feature film based on the book. That’s pretty much the textbook definition of geek dreams coming true, but Robopocalypse isn’t the only Wilson property in front of cameras. His 2009 short story, “The Nostalgist,” is being turned into a short film, and Wilson has posted a couple of pictures from the shoot. You can see them below, along with Wilson’s captions.


Yeah, so, yesterday I hung out with the Merovingian! This is Lambert Wilson in costume on the set of The Nostalgist film. Totally surreal…


If you’ve read The Nostalgist then I wonder, do you think this militiaman looks like what you imagined in the short story?

“The Nostalgist” is set in a world where modifying yourself via robotic prostheses and genetic manipulation has become commonplace. The short film version is being written and directed by Giacomo Cimini. There’s no official release date for the short just yet, but you can read the short story for free right here. You can also keep up with Wilson via his official Facebook page.


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