Matt Smith Joins Ryan Gosling’s Dark Fantasy, How To Catch A Monster

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Not only is Ryan Gosling everyone’s favorite thinking-person’s dreamy heartthrob—at least for the moment—he’s also about to direct his first feature film, How to Catch a Monster. Now we’re hearing news that Gosling has cast the Eleventh Doctor as his male lead.

Matt Smith signed on to star in Ryan Gosling's surreal fantasy How to Catch a Monster
Matt Smith signed on to star in Ryan Gosling’s surreal fantasy, How to Catch a Monster

Variety reports that Matt Smith, the current incarnation the time-traveling alien, is ready to hop the pond and make his Hollywood debut. He won’t be alone, however, as he’ll appear alongside Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks—who recently co-starred with Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines and Drive, respectively—who have already signed on for the film.

Though there isn’t much known about How to Catch A Monster, what we do know sounds very, very promising. Described as both “macabre” and “dark fantasy,” the story follows a single mother as she navigates the “surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city.” At some point her teenage son stumbles across and secret road, one that leads to a town that exists underwater.

This is an ambitious project for Gosling’s first time out of the gate, but what the hell, you might as well start big. Why not? If he’s got the vision, he can get the resources to fund it. The guy is golden right now.

How to Catch A Monster conjures up images of Metropolis, Alex Proyas’ Dark City, or even like something Guillermo del Toro might tackle. Maybe that’s just me, but something about the description brings those films immediately to mind, almost like a futuristic, sci-fi noir.

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