New Details On Live Action Star Wars: Underworld TV Show

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

George Lucas has been promising a live-action Star Wars TV show for nearly a decade now, and nothing has ever come of it. The reasons for all the delays are vague and endless, but they’ve actually done a lot of work on it and Lucas producer Rick McCallum has been out talking about it while promoting the new movie Red Tails this week.

So what’s the latest? Here’s a point by point breakdown of where the Star Wars TV show is at:

– They have 50 scripts done and they’re timeless, so it doesn’t matter when they make it.
– They take place during the time between Episode 3 and Episode 4, following the criminal underworld. The show’s working title is Star Wars: Underworld.
– Budget and their determination to do it independently has been the biggest obstacle to getting the show made. It could cost as much as $5 million per episode.
– Each episode of the show will be an hour long.
– McCallum describes the scripts as “dark”, “complex” and “adult”. Hints that it’s the kind of show you might normally see on and adults only channel like HBO.
– Keeps hinting that the show may not actually be made in his lifetime

The good news here is that the show sounds fantastic. The bad news here is that it sounds like it’s never actually going to be made. McCallum has a lot of valid reasons not to do it, but I can’t help thinking that if Lucasfilm was really motivated to make this, it would happen. Personally I suspect they just aren’t that interested in making anything this adult and that Lucas is more interested in things which generate more toy merchandising opportunities among kids. If it was easy to make, they’d do it, but since it’s not, they aren’t really pushing hard.

Watch the full 7-minute interview with Rick McCallum below if you’re interested…