Here’s What Kristen Wiig Thinks Of Bill Murray Championing Her For Ghostbusters

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

kristen wiigI would gladly allow the Invisible Man a night or two to sleep in my bed if it meant Kristen Wiig would come to my house dressed like a Ghostbuster to put the monster out of its misery. (Not that sleeping in my bed is misery, non-Wiig ladies.) Former Ghostbusting superstar Bill Murray has made no secret that he’s not getting involved with the inevitable Ghostbusters 3 and hasn’t said much on the matter. But he broke his silence recently to champion four women he thought would work well in the roles, with Wiig being one of those choices. As you can imagine, she didn’t react by flying around a hotel and sliming everyone.

Speaking with Yahoo! alongside Bill Hader about their new drama The Skeleton Twins, Wiig plays coy at first, but then drops her guard and says simply, “I will do whatever Bill Murray tells me to.” This brazen comment sparked her publicist to call out from another room, “That will run everywhere,” to which Wiig replied, “That’s why I said it.”

That sounds like a verbal contract being signed to me, so it’s time to start fitting her for a jumpsuit and a proton pack. Does Fandango have presale tickets yet? THIS IS ALL MOVING SO FAST! Or not at all. One of those. While this is in no way an official declaration that Wiig will be a part of what is still quite possibly only a fever dream that Dan Aykroyd is having while in a hyperbaric chamber, it’s nice to know that she wouldn’t turn the part down immediately.

Hader had a few choice words for any casting directors who might have been listening as well. “I don’t want to pressure you,” he told Wiig. “But you should do it…And you should have a friend, who’s like a guy, who has to carry around your proton pack.” I’d easily take Hader in the Ghostbusters universe. Maybe he could be a Tully?

bill haderEmma Stone was another one of Murray’s choices, along with Melissa McCarthy and Linda Cardellini, having worked with Murray for a bit on Zombieland. But last year, when Stone and Jonah Hill were being tossed around in the Ghostbusters 3 rumor mill, the actress made it clear made it clear that she wasn’t interested. Now, it’s possibly that a different script would pull her back, but we’re not keeping our fingers crossed at this point.

Does anyone think Ghostbusters 3 will ever exist, regardless of who fills the roles? Also, let’s get Bill Murray his own movie studio, shall we?