Katee Sackhoff Campaigns For Star Wars: Episode VII

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Starbuck!J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production team will soon be making their way to Pinewood Studios in London, England to start principal photography on Star Wars: Episode VII, but Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to announce who will star in the first film of the new sequel trilogy. We’ve heard many rumors about who might be considered for potential roles, but Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff is campaigning for a role in that galaxy far, far away.

In an interview with Total Film, Sackhoff pleads with J.J. Abrams to be cast in Episode VII. Sackhoff says she has been in love with the original Star Wars trilogy since she was a child and would love an opportunity to be in the new series. Considering her role as Viper pilot Starbuck on BSG, it comes to no surprise that Katee Sackhoff grew up wanting to be Han Solo instead of Princess Leia. She tells Total Film:

Star Wars meant everything to me growing up. Star Wars was, I mean, it was the first time I remember seeing three movies that all kind of went together. It was just an amazing final understanding of what a trilogy was…I was absolutely obsessed, I mean I wanted to be… The sad thing is, I never wanted to be Princess Leia, I always wanted to be Han Solo! [laughs] I’ve never really been drawn to these female roles, but I think that The Clone Wars was so much fun for me to play, I mean a warrior….If J.J. would listen, I would play a rock in the Star Wars movies. I think that they’re fantastic, I think that he’s a great choice, and I’m excited to see what happens in that world.

Katee Sackhoff voiced Death Watch lieutenant and Mandalorian warrior Bo-Katan for Star Wars: The Clone Wars during its fourth and fifth seasons, so she’s no stranger to the Star Wars universe. Considering that she played a Mandalorian warrior on the animated series, it would be really cool to have her play a bounty hunter in the new movie. It would be like Princess Leia going undercover as a bounty hunter at the beginning of Return of the Jedi, or Samus Aran in the Metroid video games. Star Wars could stand to have more female characters in badass warrior roles.

Sackhoff is currently promoting the home video release of Riddick. The 33-year-old actress is also campaigning to play the role of Harley Quinn in a new DC Comics movie or the increasingly crowded Man of Steel sequel. “I think I might give away my firstborn to have an opportunity to play Harley Quinn,” said Sackhoff. As for Riddick, the third film in the film series is slated for release on Blu-ray/DVD on January 14. Universal released the first 10 minutes of Riddick to drum up more excitement and awareness for the home video release.

Marvel Comics recently announced a new partnership with Lucasfilm to publish and distribute new Star Wars comic books beginning in 2015. That puts an end to a 20-year run of Dark Horse Comics publishing the Star Wars comic titles.

At the moment, no actors have been officially cast in the new Star Wars movie, but we expect to hear something more concrete before the film goes into production this spring. Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters everywhere on December 18, 2015, in 3D.