New High-Resolution Images From World War Z Feature Zombie-Fueled Politics

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

One of the most interesting curiosities this summer is the Brad Pitt-produced World War Z. The zombie epidemic film will surely showcase thrilling action with heavy political intrigue and espionage. To get people excited for World War Z, Paramount released a the above images highlighting World War Z’s political thriller roots.

The images above make World War Z look like it will be more like a political thriller than a zombie action film. Maybe World War Z will be something closer to Syriana or Zero Dark Thirty rather than Dawn of the Dead. Perhaps if World War Z went by a different name, fans of Max Brooks’ best-selling novel wouldn’t feel so passionately about the film adaptation. After all, the World War Z novel is damn near impossible to adapt to a feature film.

For the uninitiated, Max Brooks’ World War Z is more of an oral history of the events that led up to the zombie apocalypse and its aftermath. The novel’s narrative jumps from point-of-view to point-of-view of different people from around the world. The filmmakers behind the movie World War Z decided to focus on a single aspect of the book rather than its mosaic structure.

With early positive reactions and reviews for World War Z, it’s almost strange to think a few months ago, many were ready to call this movie dead on arrival with its numerous production delays, script re-writes, and re-shoots. Now that the movie is coming out next week, it’s a highly anticipated movie to see if Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster pulled off the film adaptation.

World War Z features a feverish race against time to stop the zombie pandemic that threatens to end all of humanity. Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a U.N. employee, travels the world to try to bring an end to the deadly outbreak as a way to keep his family safe from certain danger and doom.

The zombie political thriller also features actors Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Eric West, Bryan Cranston, David Morse, and Matthew Fox. Matthew Michael Carnahan (State of Play, The Kingdom) wrote World War Z’s screenplay, while Damon Lindelof (Promethues) and Drew Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods) re-wrote the film’s final act and ending.

World War Z will hit theaters everywhere on June 21st, in 3D and IMAX.

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