Godzilla International Trailer Screen Grabs Reveal The Big Guy’s Winged Rival

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

GodzTopAn amazing new Godzilla trailer dropped in the wee hours this morning, an Asian trailer that, among other things, gave us the best looks yet at both Godzilla himself and the now-confirmed second critter he’ll be tussling with come May 16. Does it make us even more excited about Godzilla than we were before? You better believe it, so we went back over the trailer with a fine-toothed comb. Then we realized the comb was just scratching up our monitor, so we switched to pulling screen captures instead. (Check the gallery at the bottom for larger versions of all of these images.)


First up, we get to see much more of the second creature, a winged beastie some initially were guessing was Rodan (apparently it’s not), including the above…egg sack? Cocoon? We’re not really sure, but from the context that’s given in the footage so far, I’m guessing this is an early life stage of the winged monster. My money’s on it splitting open and unleashing the creature that will eventually take to the air. If you look closely, it’s surrounded by buildings but it also looks like some sort of framework has been set up around it. Trying to contain it or investigate it maybe? It’s also hard to tell how the cocoon got there. Hints from earlier trailers suggest it may have been discovered, or emerged from, the underground. On the other hand, maybe it fell from space. There’s no way to tell just yet. It’ll be interesting to see whether this second monster is a natural phenomenon, something man-made, or something extraterrestrial.


The trailer also shows a clearer shot of the creature’s leg slamming down and sending people running, after which it seems to emit some sort of energy burst. Given that the trailer then shows shots of a cityscape blacking out, I’m guessing maybe it can send off some sort of electromagnetic pulse that kills power in the area.


We’ve seen the creature flying before, but only in quick shots where it was hard to make out any details. This time we get to see it buzz an office building, providing a blurred but better look at its profile and general shape.


And here’s a view we haven’t seen before, an actual shot of the creature walking on multiple legs (lower right), with its wings folded up against its body. This matches the toy images we saw a while back, and it looks to be part of an epic showdown between Godzilla and the new monster at an airport.





It’s not all about the new guy, however. The latest trailer also gives us some clear, detailed shots of Godzilla as well. It can’t be May 16 soon enough for our liking.