Godzilla Toys Provides Your First Look At The Other Monster

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

GodzillaWe’ve caught a variety of quick glimpses of the main creature in Gareth Edward’s upcoming Godzilla reboot, so we have a pretty good idea of what the King of the Monsters looks like. What we don’t know much about, however, is the other monster—hopefully monsters—that will appear in the film. We do know that Godzilla won’t be alone, and there have been quick, oblique looks in the clips and trailers, but aside from that, very little is known. That’s about to change, though, as a new line of toys reveals our first solid look at one other monster.

The moment we learned that Godzilla was going to have company wrecking up the joint, fan speculation went crazy wondering which of his fellow creatures could join him for this adventure. Who could it possibly be? We’ve seen images of what appear to be wings and a creature that is flying. Is that Mothra? Is King Ghidorah going to stop by for a visit? Those two were bandied about quite a bit, but it seemed like everyone has their own favorite they’d like to see make a big screen comeback. But, as it turns out, we won’t be seeing any of those familiar faces, as it appears that they’ve gone with a wholly new character.

GodzillaGranted, these are toys, and don’t provide a definitive peek—toys are notorious for playing fast and loose with the designs in movies—but we get a good enough look to realize that this creature isn’t already part of the Godzilla cannon. These pictures from Total Film show a monster that looks remarkably similar to the one in Cloverfield. There’s not a ton of detail, but now we at least have an idea of size and shape.

I get the impulse to go with something new, to put your own stamp on franchise, but it still feels weird. So much of what we’ve seen from this Godzilla pays homage to the origins that it seems strange to make such a radical change like this, especially when there are many potential options they could have gone with.

GodzillaThough this isn’t one of the monsters everyone hoped for, other parts of the toy are actually pretty cool. I like that they include a broken bridge, piles of rubble, and tiny little planes and helicopters. Also, Godzilla has a mouthful of giant pearly whites and I’m probably not the only one who notices a resemblance to a used car salesman.

This is far from the only time that toys have provided our first look some key piece of a big movie that the studios were trying to keep under wraps. Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and more have been spoiled like this, and that’s just for movies this summer, ones that haven’t even come out yet.

Godzilla stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe, and David Strathairn, and opens everywhere on May 16.

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