Back To The Future Re-Enacted On Twitter

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Great Scott!“Save The Clock Tower! Save The Clock Tower!”

It has been precisely 28 years since the beginning of Back to the Future on October 25, 1985. Soon it will be 2015 and we’ll get to experience the future that was depicted in Back to the Future Part II, and eventually we’ll be able to time travel back to the old west, like in Back to the Future Part III. For now, however, a few fans of the franchise wanted to celebrate the anniversary, and took to Twitter to do so.

The Hill Valley Project created a new Twitter account for each and every character in Back To The Future in order to re-create the entire movie in real time on the Internet. If you head over there you’ll find a tweet of every line in the movie. Since the stream is taking place in real time, (at the moment of writing this post) the fans are at the part of the movie after the McFly family first have dinner and Marty is sleeping before he has to meet Doc Brown at Twin Pines Mall.

Considering that it’s real time, it seems that the Hill Valley Project should’ve started the Twitter stream with the 1955 portions of Back To The Future and not at the beginning of the film. The 1985 sections of the movie are only the bookends, while most of the film takes place in the past. If that’s the case, it also seems that this project will take a number of days to reach completion.

Nevertheless, the stream is something to behold, marvel at, and witness. It’s really impressive to see that every character in the movie has a Twitter account (49 characters, in case you were wondering). Even down to @_ClocktowerLady, who has one of my favorite tweets of the stream so far.

The Twitter project is not only to re-create the events in Back To The Future, but also support the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research. Subscribe to to read the amazing Twitter stream. Also visit or

In other Back To The Future related Internet memes, Intuitive Motion Inc’s skateboard manufactures, ZBoard, created a limited edition high-speed non-hovering hoverboard. It’s impressive, too. The board has a top speed of 18 MPH and has a full range of 20 miles per charge. The board runs on a 20 Ah Lithium battery, so it only 5 to 7 hours to recharge. Be warned, this is pretty hefty, weighing in at 32LBs.

Your first Hoverboard isn’t cheap either, one of these things will set you back $1,500 on IndieGoGo. You can, however, order the custom deck for only $200. While the price tag is certainly hefty, all of the proceeds also go directly to the Fox Foundation. So you can ride one and support a good cause. The ZBoard team launched the project a few days ago on October 21st, two years before the actual Back To The Future Day holiday in 2015.