Famous Weapons Poster Has Proton Packs, Portal Guns, And More

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Science fiction from various media has introduced us to a lot of iconic, unforgettable weaponry over the years. I’m talking here about the proton packs from Ghostbusters, Green Lantern’s power ring, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device from Portal, or Star Trek’s phasers. Many of the most recognizable bits of SF weaponry are featured on the badass poster below, entitled simply “Famous Weapons.”

If the look of the poster seems familiar, that’s because it was put together by New York graphic designer Daniel Nyari, who also created the “Famous Robots” poster we featured a while back.
It’s the same basic concept just applied to a different subject matter. This one mixes SF weapons together with fantastic armaments like Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and more down-to-Earth items such as Lara Croft’s signature pistols or Ash’s chainsaw.

I love the simplicity of these images, so I’m hoping Nyari will serve up more installments in the future. Maybe famous ships? At any rate, you can order prints or t-shirts featuring the design right here, and you can see larger blow-ups of the parts of the poster on Daniel’s webpage.

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