Doctor Who Heralds Its Return With A New Trailer And Four New Posters

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

BBC’s iconic science fiction adventure Doctor Who picks up the remainder of series seven later this month, on March 30th. This short new trailer teases the return, and from the look of this video, there’s plenty of action and drama in store for fans. We also have a peek at a quartet of movie-style posters for the upcoming episodes.

Much like the first portion of the current season, there is one burning question that appears to be the primary concern to everyone involved, and that is unraveling the shadowy past of the Time Lord’s latest companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). At one point in this clip, Matt Smith’s Doctor even tells her that she is the only mystery worth solving, which sounds more than a little romantic. Theories abound about Clara’s origins and story, so it is sure to be a load of fun finding out if any of them are correct. That is, if they actually reveal any real answers at all.

There’s also a blink-and-you-might-miss-it look at Willow himself, Warrick Davis. He’s going to pop up in the Neil Gaiman-scripted episode “The Last Cyberman.” That should be a pretty good time, too.

Then there are the very theatrical-looking promo posters for four future episodes, including installments entitled “The Bells of St. Johns,” “The Rings of Akhaten,” “Cold War,” and “Hide.” Each has its own specific style. There’s a cyberpunkish sci-fi one, an old school adventure motif, and even what looks like a ghost story horror look about it.