David Duchovny Encourages Fans To Ask For More X-Files

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


Like a theoretical return of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, the prospects of a third X-Files film to follow and hopefully make us forget the ultimately pointless I Want to Believe have gone from the conventional rumor mill to their own personalized rumor mills with hyper-specific details posing as conversation pieces. This next bit is completely independent of any rumor mill, however, as it’s more of a plea than gossip.

David Duchovny, star of Showtime’s Californication, and of the upcoming submarine thriller Phantom, appeared on Jay Leno Wednesday night. When Leno felt the need to get a quick audience cheer by bringing up another X-Files movie, Duchovny gave the expected spiel about everybody wanting to do it. But then he went a little further.

“Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and I, we’re always on board,” Duchovny says, pretending he doesn’t believe that Jay Leno sounds like he’s never watched an X-Files episode in his life. “If you wanna write to FOX and get ’em going…You could wheel me out. I’ll be Fox Mulder forever, sure.” He mimed a wheelchair for a while as he said this. It’s kind of cool that he still exhibits that kind of childlike glee for the role. The truth is in the video below.

Fans have gotten quite a few shows brought back over the last few years, and it’s having growing impact on how media is created. This is an era of crowd-sourcing, after all, and perhaps a letter/email campaign will do some good.

Luckily, the Hollywood Reporter also included a clip from later in the show, when J.B. Smoove shared an amusing story about seeing a U.F.O.