Dark Skies Invades DVD And Blu-ray This May

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Dark-Skies-1Is there anything scarier than sitting in a theater and watching malevolent forces wreaking havoc upon a young family’s life? Absolutely there are. Accidentally choking on a spoonful of corn comes to mind. But is there anything more comforting than watching that same family get terrorized while sitting in the privacy of your own home? Sure there is. Dammit, I need to figure out how to introduce things better.

A press release issued today reveals that the horror thriller Dark Skies will be ominously hovering above DVD and Blu-ray players everywhere on May 28, 2013. No feature is worth its weight in freaky bird flocks without an accompanying commentary, and the Dark Skies release features one from director Scott Stewart, producer Jason Blum, executive producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and editor Peter Pvozdas. A few alternate and deleted scenes will also be included.

You remember Dark Skies, right? It’s the one with Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton as parents whose children, played by Dakota Goyo and Kadan Rockett, appear to be attracting the attentions of mysterious and evil forces. Are they deadly forces? Are they alien forces? Considering Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin aren’t involved, I think it’s safe to say there are no Delta Forces at play.

Our own David Wharton’s review said, “The end result is a fun but not terribly memorable trot through very familiar territory, thankfully buoyed by good performances…” Hey, keep it quiet, David. Some of us still want to watch the movie!

Here’s the trailer, to get you in that “meh” mindset.

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