New Dark Skies Infographic Dives Into The Unexplained

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Dark Skies, the new sci-fi-themed horror thriller from Legion and Priest director Scott Charles Stewart, tackles an unexplained phenomenon involving aliens in the burbs. In order to hype up the February 22nd release, Dimension has released this new infographic teasing some other well-known real world mysteries of our humble little planet.


You have the big ones that everyone knows about. For instance, there’s the Bermuda Triangle, where planes and ships keep disappearing, the mysterious Marfa Lights hovering in the Texas sky, and of course Friday the 13th. These might not only be the unluckiest days of the year, but you might also get macheted to death by a giant, unkillable lunatic in a hockey mask. Which, when you think about it, is pretty damn unlucky. My personal favorite on this list is the hours of the day where birds in India seem to get depressed with the state of their lives and take that most drastic step, mass suicide. Who knew birds were prone to this sort of existential crisis?

Dark Skies is produced by Blumhouse Pictures, best known for their low-budget, high-profit horror films like the Paranormal Activity franchise. The story follows a couple, played by Keri Russell (Felicity) and Josh Hamilton (Third Watch), living the suburban ideal. That is, until a sinister alien presence pokes its pesky little head into their lives, coming into their home each and every night, preying on their kids. As the so-called psychological thriller progresses, and the increasingly isolated couple are forced to stand up and fend for themselves against the unwanted visitors.

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