Dark Skies Goes Viral With New Marketing Campaign

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


Viral promotional strategies have become a standard tool in the arsenal of movie marketers. Dark Skies, the upcoming alien invasion horror film from Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest), is the latest to get in on the act. The folks behind the film have launched a new website in order to help hype the February 22 release.

You can use www.YouHaveBeenChosen.org to build your own personal alien abduction profile, including your very own ID card and body scan. Login with your Facebook page and it captures all of your pertinent information, including images, your location, your email address, your “social colonization,” “abduction status,” and more. It’s fun to poke around for a while.

If you’re concerned that your friends and acquaintances might be potential abduction targets, you can share your information, or even warn them about their impending kidnapping. It’s nice that you can use your unfortunate situation to help others. You can also win an iPad Mini for your troubles.

Dark Skies follows a suburban couple, played by Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton, living a seemingly idyllic life. Everything changes, however, when a horrific alien presence invades their house each evening, preying up on their children. Friends and neighbors are skeptical, passing the events off as abuse, and as the couple becomes increasingly isolated, they have to step up and take matters into their own hands.

The thing I’m most curious to see in Dark Skies is how exactly the “alien presence” plays out. It doesn’t sound like your standard alien invasion kind of thing, and given the micro-budged history of Blumhouse Productions (the folks behind the Paranormal Activity films), who produced the film, a big special effects budget wasn’t in the cards.

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