That Baby Got A Lightsaber, Y’all!

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

“All right, lightsaber trumps broom handle in this situation. And every situation.”

If you’re a frequent reader of this website, then your life was probably affected by Star Wars at one point or another. And I think everyone out there will share my gratitude that the film hasn’t affected our lives to the point where lightsabers exist and are able to be wielded by children. That’s what guns are for, apparently.

The above video, titled “Darth Baby’s Lightsaber,” was created by the Gnarly Tooth media group, specifically Joel Erickson, a sound assistant on many Hollywood films, and his similarly sound-minded brother, Jared. It was filmed using iPhones and Android phones, with Adobe After Effects for all the post-production stuff. It’s strange how even in this three-minute clip, the aggravating “Why are they still holding the camera?” aspects of found-footage movies are present and hard to ignore. But I guess if I’m one of the people involved in this situation, I’d rather be someone holding a camera than the one actively trying to retrieve a lightsaber. [I’d like to point out that they’re 1/3 of the way to a game of “Hoverboard Lightsaber Portal Gun Fight. – Ed.]

You can almost hear the voiceover on the trailer for this short. “In a world where technology has caught up to cinema, and adult males are too inept to keep their children away from deadly weapons, one toddler’s cautionary tale taught the world to watch the fuck out.”

The video is silly fun, and the extreme lack of empathy involved is startlingly dark at times, which makes future projects by this duo all the more anticipated. Maybe in the next one, we find out that the kid and the adult are the same person, made possible by the guy finding a time machine in his backyard one day.