Learn To Be A Jedi (or Sith) With Lightsaber Lessons

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi Master? Well, not all of us can tap into the power of the Force, but we can at least learn how to handle a lightsaber. A group of San Francisco Star Wars fans have started a combat and choreography class for wannabe Jedi Knights.

According to Yahoo!, the class instructor is self-proclaimed Jedi Master Alain Bloch, who has a background in martial arts and stage combat. He leads the class full of Padawan learners while dressed like Luke Skywalker, and has the Star Wars theme playing in the background. “Always be mindful of the presence!” he says as he teaches Jedi hopefuls how to use a lightsaber properly.


Alain Bloch is part of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Knights, a Star Wars fan group he founded in February 2011. The activities during the Jedi lightsaber classes range from stretching & warm up, flourishes, choreography, and mystical Jedi Meditation to be one with the living Force. The cost of the Jedi classes is $10 per session, with a $5 lightsaber rental fee, which are free for your first month of Jedi training. The Golden Gate Knights even have a way to personalize a lightsaber for you.

Not everyone who takes the class is training to be a Jedi, of course. Some of Bloch’s students want to give into the dark side of the Force and become evil Sith Lords. “I just love Vader, period,” says Gary Ripper, one of Bloch’s students. “Just his voice, the way he moved, the power of him. I just liked the powerfulness of him.”

It all looks like a lot of fun, but hopefully Alain Bloch’s students won’t end up looking like the Star Wars Kid.

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