Doctor Who TARDIS Snuggie Keeps You Toasty Throughout Time And Space

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

There’s not a whole lot to say about this. After all, a photograph of a homemade Doctor Who-inspired TARDIS Snuggie speaks in a rather loud voice all on its own. So sit back for a moment, gawk at this, cock your head like a befuddled dog, and we’ll reconvene down below for further discussion.


For those of you unaware of the Snuggie phenomenon, it’s essentially a blanket with sleeves, designed to keep you warm while you read or watch TV, but allowing for freer use of your arms. It also resembles a backwards bathrobe. Originally sold through outlets like infomercials and direct-marketing TV channels, they’ve become a full-fledged pop cultural wonder.

You can buy Snuggies, or some variant, almost anywhere, including multiple drug stores in my neighborhood. They’ve been mocked and lampooned on numerous TV shows, including 30 Rock, but there’s a weird subculture of Snuggie enthusiasts lurking out there in the world. You can even pick one up for your dog. It’s bizarre, to be sure.

At this point you can purchase one of these wearable blankets in any color your little heart desires, though the most iconic color is a dark blue. This hue, coincidentally enough, closely resembles the paint job on The Doctor’s preferred method of time and space travel, the TARDIS. One enterprising Whovian took advantage of this similarity and constructed their very own TARDIS Snuggie. With a few simple modifications, you can jump through time, travel through the deepest reaches of space, and stay warm the entire time. Brilliant.

Is this Snuggie, like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside? Could you take a couple of like-minded companions on your adventures? There’s only one way to find out. Operators are standing by…

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