Aftermath Trailer Survives A Nuclear Attack With Edward Furlong

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Only two plotlines seem to exist for low-budget post-apocalyptic flicks. Either hordes of infected/zombies/mutants/marauders chase after the group of characters trying to survive, or that same group of characters try to survive in a central location, where the entire outside world is one big threat. Exceptions exist, of course, but Peter Engert’s upcoming thriller Aftermath isn’t one. This new trailer suggests it’s the exact opposite, an amalgamation of every post-society endgame imaginable, with a B-cast whose death toll is inconsequential. As such, it almost has to be a riot, even if it’s just a depressing one.

Directed by Engert, Aftermath actually began life a few years ago as Remnants, and was supposed to be released in 2012. But the…aftermath…of all that is RLJ/Image Entertainment picked up distribution duties and will get the film to audiences on July 18 on VOD and in select theaters. A jagged path to release is never a good sign for a film’s quality, but we’ll stay positive about this one for a while. I mean, it’s theoretically possible we might see an irradiated redneck bite Edward Furlong’s face off. If I were a character in this movie I’d be the first one to die, as I’d down a cup of bleach every time one of Furlong’s surly whimpers or whines passed his lips.

But you know his name, so he’ll probably be the guy who figures it all out, or whatever. He’s one of several people stuck in a farm cellar following a series of nuclear attacks, and tensions are at an all-time high. As the trailer shows us, he is not a big believer in their survival chances. At first it just looks like a dreary story where the drama comes from food rationing and depression, but then shit gets real, and it turns into “The Divide on bath salts.” (So says the theatrical poster I created on MS Paint.)

Members of the group begin showing signs of infection (or radiation poisoning or whatever), and then they discover that a gang of burly madmen will do anything to get inside. When it rains, right? It’s unclear exactly who these guys are and what their physical problems are, and that’s kind of nice. I’d be fine if they were just drunk farmers looking for shelter, so long as one of them puts a pitchfork through Furlong’s torso. I watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day recently and it reinvigorated my urge to see a young John Connor die, so I’m trying to vicariously live that fantasy out through this film, if you hadn’t noticed.

Aftermath also stars Monica Keena (Freddy vs. Jason), Andre Royo (The Wire), Christine Kelly (Samuel Bleak), and C.J. Thomason (Harper’s Island). Check out the newly released poster below, via Bloody Disgusting, and be sure to lock your doors and put duct tape on your windows in case of a nuclear attack.