The Walking Dead Theme Played By The Harp Twins

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

If you’ve never heard of the Harp Twins, and you have a pulse, where have you been? And if you have heard of them, then put that thing away. This isn’t that kind of website. Camille and Kennerly Kitt are identical twins who combine their musical powers to perform wonderfully sparse rock and pop culture-inspired covers on acoustic and electric harps. Their name is derived from their father, a former Minnesota Twin who also started the Harp Lager company. Just kidding. They’re gorgeous twins who play gorgeous songs on gorgeous harps.

Their renditions of Coldplay and Taylor Swift songs are nowhere near what this website aims to bring you, lovely though they may be, but their latest video definitely is: a haunting take on Bear McCreary’s already intensely moody theme for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Like most stringed performances of other people’s songs, it brings me back to that period in the late 1990s and early 2000s when lots of rock artists, such as Pink Floyd and Tool, would get orchestral or stringed quartet tributes. Though I don’t do it often, I can easily lose a few hours geeking out on shit like this. That’s how I spent the last 20 minutes, listening to songs I hadn’t seen since my last visit to their YouTube page, and not writing this story. So take a gander for yourself, and just picture fucking undead carnage going on in the well-photographed scenery surrounding them.

If I had taken a tad too many doses of cough syrup and watched these videos for the first time, I think I could have convinced myself that it was just one person playing via split screen. So many of their movements are so fluid and exactly alike. I think it gives me the same feeling I would get if I were just going over the top of the first drop on a huge roller coaster while watching a movie on my phone where the sound is just a step or two behind what’s happening on the screen. It’s awesome, but it also creeps me out. Or something. Is my time up yet?

Since the Final Fantasy series went to other planets, that’s sci-fi enough to also give you this video, featuring outfits that the phrase “soopa doopa snazzy” doesn’t quite describe.

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