See Terrifying Video Of Venomous Snake That Destroyed A Woman’s Home

By Faith McKay | 11 seconds ago


The internet sometimes likes to make jokes that Australia is terrifying. Or in other terms, “the land of nope“. Critics come back and say that you can get used to anything. That while Australia seems like a terrifying land of snakes and freakingly large spiders, there are people in the United States that are used to bears wandering the forests, and how terrifying is that? It’s a matter of what you’re used to, they say. Well, in one new video gaining attention on TikTok, Sarah Kirkman appears to be an Australian who is also thinking that the country seems like quite the scary place. Until, of course, she just does completely terrifying things as if they are just normal and “what has to be done”. Let’s watch the videos.

First up, Sarah Kirkman returns home to find everything is amiss.

Yeah, that’s a snake. That little monster has destroyed Sarah Kirkman’s living room. In the comments, others have revealed that the creature is a red-bellied black snake. And, uh, yes. It’s venomous. It is one of the most common snakes you’ll run into in eastern Australia. While venomous, no deaths have actually been recorded from its bite, only severe illness. Mostly though, these little guys don’t want to bite people unless they feel attacked. They’d rather retreat.

So then, there’s the problem. How do you get a venomous snake out of your living room without making the little invader feel “attacked”. Well, normally, that would have been the problem for Sarah Kirkman’s snake catcher. She says in the comments that she has a normal one on call. However, her normal professional was busy. Adding fuel to the urgency, she has two indoor dogs, so the house needed to be made safe. Just because humans haven’t died from the venomous bite doesn’t mean the dogs will be okay either, and “severe illness” still sounds unfavorable.

And so, Sarah Kirkman goes after the snake on her own. And she brings us along for the journey in a part two video, which can be watched below.


just some highlights of the redbelly catch and relocation 😅 #fyp

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Things clearly went better for her after she got the help of her neighbor, but this was still wildly outside of the wheelhouse of experience for most people who don’t live around venomous snakes all the time. The TikTok user figured out what needed to be done and made it happen. Good for her. Still, terrifying for many who don’t live around snakes all the time.

In the comments, someone claiming to be a snake catcher says she handled it very well. Hopefully, if this happens for her again, her normal professional will have time in their schedule to help her out so she doesn’t have to use a broom and a bucket to go after venomous invaders on her own.

If you now have the song stuck in your head that Sarah Kirkman sings in the first snake video, that’s Men At Work’s famous hit Down Under. According to studies, if you listen to it in full, you’ll be able to get the song out of your head. Results not guaranteed.