See A 20 Foot Long Mama Snake Attack Her Handler While Defending Her Eggs

Watch this viral video where a 20 ft snake attacks a pet store owner.

By Michileen Martin | Published

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Jay Brewer loves what he does, but what he does can sometimes forget to love him back. Case in point: this past weekend Brewer posted a video of a 20 foot long python attacking him while he was explaining the snake’s behavior to visitors.

When the video begins, the python is covered with a blue felt material as it guards its eggs. Brewer puts on a jacket in the hopes that the material will blunt the blow of any snake bites. Moving around the massive snake by prodding it with a tool, Brewer’s initial goal is to get at the eggs beneath the python. He succeeds, but things get more dangerous for Brewer after too long. You can watch the video below.

In the beginning it’s the cameraman, instead of Brewer, who’s worried about his safety. Brewer points out that the snake has become fixated on the cameraman, allowing Brewer to handle the python however he likes. The snake eventually lunges at the cameraman. It doesn’t get very far, but the cameraman reacts as if he just saw his life flash before his eyes.

The python gets Brewer about halfway through the video, as he’s trying to move her to a larger enclosure. Brewer laughs and jokes throughout the move, but when the snake is finally safely in its enclosure, he pulls down his jacket sleeve to reveal that he’s bleeding. Still seeming to be in an upbeat mood, Brewer admits it’s the worst bite he’s ever received through a coat. He also shows marks from bites he’d received recently on the opposite arm, chin, and leg, joking, “maybe it’s time to go on vacation.”

Jay Brewer acts as both zookeeper and pet shop owner. The video was shot at his Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California, which is part of his store Prehistoric Pets. Considering the snakes he works with all day, it may be no surprise that this is hardly the first time Brewer has gone viral for a snake bite.

snake python

In June, Brewer was trying to get a clutch of eggs from another python when he was bitten in the face by the angry mother. The zookeeper had put his protective tool down in order to get at the eggs, and the snake used the opportunity to lunge at Brewer at bite his cheek.

In February 2015, Brewer just barely avoided getting bitten in the face by what he described as one of his “meanest” snakes. For some reason, Brewer decided to leisurely sit with the three large, mean snakes while recording a video inviting viewers to upload images or videos of their favorite types of snakes. Within the first five seconds of recording, a large white snake lunges for Brewer’s face, and he barely manages to push it away before it would’ve bitten him.

If these videos aren’t enough for you, don’t worry. If Brewer’s previous performance and his remaining snake bites are an accurate gauge, there will be more recordings of snake bites soon enough.

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