Super Bowl Ads Celebrate Space Shuttles And Astronauts

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

With ad space going for millions of dollars, the Super Bowl ads get nearly as much attention — maybe more — as the game itself. This year there were commercials that involved space and the Rock on a tangential alien hunt, but two particular ads paid their respects to the awesomeness of the modern space race. I’d just blanket that by calling it NASA, but that’s not really the case anymore, what with the independent scene taking hold.

First, was the goofy, but still clever and amusing, ad from Axe body spray, which posits that no matter how manly and protective a man can be — such as the muscular, rescuing lifeguard — the ladies still love a man in a suit. A space suit.

The second, an ad for a Toyota Tundra, avoids all humorous pretenses, and pays respects to the retired NASA space shuttle Endeavor. Of course, it does this by humblebragging that its truck can pull the 292,000 lb. shuttle, which it apparently did on October 12, 2012. The epic music isn’t needed, but it was still a decent commercial. It’s something like paying respects to a dead chef by saying a fat man could eat all of the recipes the chef created, but it’s the American way of treating Japanese products.

Just in case you wanted to see a few people who don’t like astronauts, here’s an Upright Citizens Brigade clip about astronaut racism.

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