Man Bites Crocodile In Horrific Attack That Went Berserk

By April Ryder | Published

TheMessenger reported that a man from Australia’s Northern Territory told local news that he bites back when recounting his recent crocodile attack. Colin Deveraux is a cattle farmer in his mid-60s who was on his way to work on a fencing project when his crocodile encounter happened. 

Kicking The Crocodile Did Nothing

The man was walking near the Finniss River to make his way to work when he took a few steps into a shallow pool of water near the river bank. Deveraux said that almost as soon as he stepped into the water, a crocodile bit down on his right foot. The man survived the attack with a little quick thinking and a bite of his own for the crocodile. 

In his continued account of the incident, the man said that after the initial bite, the crocodile began shaking him by his leg and began pulling him back into the water. Deveraux tried kicking the crocodile with his free leg to no avail, so he swiftly tried a different method of defense. 

Biting The Crocodile’s Eylid Helped

The Australian man decided he was going to bite the crocodile back … on its eyelid. Likely, he didn’t have much time to choose a more desirable spot for biting, so he took what he could get. 

The 10.5-foot croc responded to the man’s bite swiftly and released his foot at that moment. Deveraux told Australian News that he didn’t particularly enjoy the taste or sensation of biting the crocodile’s eyelid, but it worked. 

The Man Was Able To Make A Quick Escape

After the saltwater crocodile released the man from his bite, he hightaled it to his vehicle. The crocodile did follow him for a brief moment but turned back and abandoned his pursuit of Deveraux. 

Once he made it safely to his car, Deveraux immediately took notice of his injuries. He used some rope and a towel to create a field tourniquet and tied off the injury to his leg to stop the bleeding. His brother took him to the hospital, and he has been working on his recovery for a few weeks. 

The Attack Only Lasted Seconds

The attack only lasted about eight seconds, but the man received a significantly damaging bite from the crocodile. His wounds had to be paid close attention to in the hospital with daily wound flushing to clean out any harmful bacteria. 

Deveraux still considers himself to be a lucky man saying, “If he had bitten me somewhere else, it would have been different”. His croc bite recently received a skin graft, and he is expected to be released from the hospital sometime soon. 

Crocodile Deaths

Crocodiles don’t pose the largest threat to people living in the Northern Territory, even though the area has a population of around 245,000 people. The last croc-related casualty was more than five years ago in 2018. 

It’s not every day you see a headline reading, “Man bites crocodile,” but today, it’s on-topic and very real. It’s not the weirdest thing a man has done to survive an animal attack in the wild. 

In August of this year, a man from Thailand woke to find a reticulated python wrapped tightly around his leg. When he couldn’t simply pull the snake off of him, he bit it, and it loosened its grip on him.