Fish With A Human Face Discovered, It’s Terrifying

A mutant fish has been found off the coast of Indonesia, which looks like it has a human face. See the terrifying baby shark here.

By Ross Bonaime | Published


The ocean is a truly terrible place, full of creepy, unusual creatures that swim below us, just waiting to freak us out. While sharks are naturally one of the creatures most people worry about in the ocean, we at least know what they should look like. Heck, baby sharks even have a catchy song that makes them slightly less terrifying. Well, just when the world was getting used to the idea of baby sharks, the dark watery abyss has presented us with a mutant fish that will make us never want to swim again.

A fisherman off the coast of Indonesia has found a mutant fish/baby shark that has a human-like face. That’s right, first sharks tried to eat our faces, and now they’re claiming our faces as their own. This discovery/horrific abomination was found by Abdullah Nuren, who accidentally caught an adult female shark in his trawler net. When he cut open the mother shark, there were three pups inside.

Nuren said that two of the baby pups looked like their mother, while the third had two large eyes under its snout that made it look like a surprised human face. But instead of throwing this mutant fish back into the ocean and apologizing to whatever god he clearly angered, Nuren took the baby shark home so that his family could preserve it. That’s right, Nuren wants to keep this thing. Like, around the house. Open mouth agape, with giant eyes staring at his every movement. Good luck sleeping, Nuren!

Nuren has said that since finding the mutant fish, his home has been crowded with people who want to see the shark. Some of his neighbors have even said they want to purchase this fish from the bowels of hell for themselves. But Nuren has said that he will preserve the fish instead, saying “I think it will bring me good luck.” It’s unclear what kind of luck freaky shark babies with giant bulbous eyes brings someone, but all the best, Nuren.

Twitter user @MaouNoah has pointed out that this mutant fish has likely been affected with Cyclopia, which happens when the genes that divide the eyes and face get mutated. Instead of the face becoming symmetrical, the face shows abnormalities, like what is happening with this baby shark. @MaouNoah also shared an image of another similar mutant shark, showing there are different levels of severity. The photo features a shark with one eye, but with two pupils. The user also says that few fetuses with Cyclopia survive the pregnancy.

Even if Nuren hadn’t accidentally caught this mother shark, it seems unlikely that this mutant fish would have survived. Which, honestly, sharks with normal eyes are bad enough, let alone one that can easily beat me in a staring contest. If I’m going to get eaten by a shark, I’d much prefer one that has normal eyes. I don’t want my last thoughts to be “WHERE ARE THAT SHARK’S EYES??” before a shark clomps down on me and sends me to a watery grave.