Dark Matter Is Actually A Warped Mirror Universe?

By April Ryder | Published

  • Dark matter may be the remnants of an alternate universe.
  • For years, dark matter has been undetectable, with some questioning its existence.
  • A new theory about dark matter states it’s hiding in a mirror universe.

Suppose you’re a fan of the theories surrounding the existence of dark matter, let alone its true definition. In that case, you’ll be interested in reading through a new paper by Arushi Bodas, Manuel A. Buen-Abad, Anson Hook, and Raman Sundrum. The paper states (in general) that dark matter could be a distorted alternate universe that never fully came to fruition. 

Theories About Dark Matter

nasa dark matter

Over the years, scientists have theorized that dark matter (which is completely undetectable, except for the gravitational effects it has on other regular matter) may be hiding another dimension, that it may be the after-effects of a second “Big Bang,” that dark matter is information in its purest form, and even that the mysterious substance doesn’t exist at all. 

A Mirror Universe

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The newest theory suggests that dark matter “resides in a deformed mirror universe inside our own, where atoms failed to form.” In the case of regular matter, protons and neutrons have nearly the exact same mass, which makes for the proper environment in which stable atoms can be formed. Without that similarity, the universe as we know it wouldn’t exist. 

The Universe Is Half Dark Matter

The research behind the theory that dark matter is a messed up mirror universe existing within the realm of the universe we know is built upon a pair of interesting coincidental aspects of the universe. The first element is the belief that the universe consists of about the same amount of regular and dark matter, and the second is the relationship between protons and neutrons. 

A Distorted Universe

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The new paper suggests that there could be a sort of shadow universe that exists in which the protons and neutrons do not have symmetrical masses, making the whole thing a distorted jumble of subatomic particles that do not interact very often (unlike those of regular matter), which also explains why dark matter does not “clump up.” The imbalance in dark matter keeping it from being able to bond together and form tangible things could be explained by the new theory. 

A Mirror Universe With No Evil Counterparts

If you feel like you’ve just slipped into an episode of Rick & Morty, it’s understandable. Learning this new dark matter theory could make a person feel like, at any time, a green glowing portal to a parallel universe could open up and take you somewhere else. Maybe even to meet an alternate alien version of yourself?

Could This Theory Be True?


The cool part of the story is that this is real. The researchers who put their heads together to write up the paper and this theory are highly educated, intensively trained individuals who know a lot more about astrophysics and the makeup of the universe than most people could ever imagine putting into their brains. 

Dark Matter Is Just Matter With A Goatee

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If dark matter is a jumbled-up alternate universe within our own, is there a jumbled-up version of you floating somewhere in space? The implications and opportunities for excellent sci-fi content are exciting and mind-blowing with this theory. Here’s hoping some theory regarding dark matter will pan out soon. It seems dark matter’s existence (or non-existence) has stumped scientists for far too long. 

Source: A Closer Look In The Mirror