China Producing Humanoid Robots By 2025?

By Robert Scucci | Published

Yahoo! reports that China is taking the development of humanoid robots quite seriously, and plans to start rolling out the technology by 2025. While US-based companies like Tesla and Boston Dynamics are currently leading the charge in the robotics sector, Chinese companies have seen a jump in stocks after announcing their plans to get a piece of the pie, and start spearheading innovations of their own.

As of this writing, we’re just getting wind of China’s plans to develop their own advanced humanoid robots, but the groundwork is being laid out, and we may very well see walking, talking, and learning robots coming from China in the very near future.

In Just A Few Years, China Plans To Produce Advanced Reasoning Robots

By 2027, China hopes to develop robots that can think, learn, and use advanced reasoning through the use of artificial intelligence technology. What’s more, there are hopes of establishing a self-sustaining supply chain system that will support China’s goal to manufacture humanoid robots on a large scale. Despite the obvious technological hurdles that China will need to be overcome, their end goal is simple: to create functional robots that can take on jobs that range from menial to dangerous.

These Robots Will Take Over All Kinds Of Jobs

ai doctors

In other words, China plans to produce robots that can pick out groceries, as well as work in environments that may be hazardous to humans. Though it seems like we’re talking about Jetsons technology, the reality is that the field of robotics has seen a startling amount of innovations in a very short amount of time. In fact, Boston Dynamic’s Atlas robot is currently able to do back flips, which is impressive to say the least.

If China-based companies are able to successfully piggy-back off of the technology that has been developed in the US, then it’s reasonable to assume that up-and-coming Chinese robotics companies will be able to quickly build upon the already robust groundwork that has already been laid out in competing markets.

China’s Government Is Encouraging Advancement


China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is actively encouraging start-up companies to focus on developing advanced robots, and the government hopes that this initiative will encourage companies to hit the ground running with their efforts to develop technology that will give them a competitive edge.

Since the announcement was made, companies like Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission Co. and Miracle Automation Engineering Co. have seen a spike in share values. This just goes to show you that the next couple of years will not only boast a number of technological innovations, but there will be a substantial amount of financial backing to make them possible.

As A Leader In Electronic Manufacturing, This Endeavor Is Likely To Boost The Nation Further


Being that China is already a global technological superpower and the world’s top electronics manufacturer, the sky’s truly the limit when you consider that the government is taking the development of robots seriously. It’s only a matter of time before robotics in the workplace become ubiquitous, and a healthy amount of global competition will potentially allow companies the world over to innovate at a more rapid pace.

Just How Far Will The Development Of Advanced Robots Go?

Today, China has intentions to pursue breakthroughs in environment sensing, motion control, and how humans interact with robots on a significant scale. And if they make good on their plans to seamlessly integrate AI into humanoid robots, then there’s no telling how advanced humanoid robots will be in just a few short years.

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