Alien Civilizations Discovered By Chinese Telescope?

Alien civilizations may have been attempting to communicate, at least that might be the case for the signals picked up by a massive Chinese telescope.

By James Brizuela | Published

alien civilizations

It seems that every week we are getting more and more news about some sort of unexplained alien craft or sighting. The Pentagon had meetings about the threat of UFOs, now called UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomenon. Based on hundreds of reports that were given by military personnel, it seemed that everyone has started to take the idea of extraterrestrial life more seriously. Now it is being reported that Chinese scientists have discovered some sort of alien civilizations with their telescope.

Zhang Tonjie, the chief scientist of their alien civilizations search team, is cited in a report that says the team was using their Sky Eye telescope when they picked up some odd narrow-band electromagnetic signals. These signals had been nothing like they had received before, and the team would investigate further in this manner. This team was put together via the Beijing Normal University, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of California, Berkeley. Together, they have decided to dedicate their time to studying the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life in the universe. Oddly enough, though the reports of their findings had been published, they were recently taken down.

The initial reports of these alien civilizations were published in Science and Technology Daily, which is a newspaper that covers China’s science and technology ministry. However, the reports have disappeared, but this was before the traction of the news hits the social media platform Weibo, and other media outlets. The pulling of this story could be because of whatever signals the Sky Eye telescope picked up, which could have been due to some interference. Or, they could have found something astonishing and decided not to freak the public out with it.

This Sky Eye telescope is located in China’s southwestern Guizhou province and has a diameter of 500 feet. This powerful telescope had apparently picked up some odd data in 2020, which was the signals mentioned earlier. Also, a more recent signal was picked up this year, when the team had been studying exoplanets. The telescope is said to be extremely sensitive to radio signals, so whatever signal comes from deep in space, the telescope can essentially pick it up. That is where the report began to get exciting because whatever the telescope had picked up was foreign to the team, leaving them to wonder if it was alien civilizations attempting to communicate. However, as previously mentioned, it could be some radio interference that caused the odd signals.

Pulling reports usually indicates that wrong data has been shared in the first place, or if you want to be an alien crackpot, maybe what the Chinese found was too much to share at this given time. Though the videos of the UAPs are now online for the public to see, it doesn’t mean that everyone would be willing to listen to proof that alien civilizations exist. That might cause some mass hysteria.

Hopefully, we are given more detailed reports about these supposed alien civilizations. Findings like this would change the way we see the world. However, there is a chance that the signals they received were caused by some sort of interference. Either way, the truth is out there.

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