NASA Is Reportedly Sending Nudes To Outerspace To Lure Aliens To Earth

By James Brizuela | 4 days ago

nasa nudes

Sending unsolicited nudes is about the grossest thing that anyone can do. Anywho who happens to be single and has had to deal with dating apps of any kind can attest to the fact that sometimes people just don’t care, and they think sending a picture of their naked body will be the thing that gets them a date. Honestly, it has been a bit of a budding joke about dating apps for years on end. Well, move over Tinder. NASA has announced that they will be sending nudes to attract aliens to come to Earth. When all else fails, send NASA nudes.

Just when you think that attracting extraterrestrials was about science, nope. On a more serious note, it’s not actually lewd pictures of people from Earth that involve these NASA nudes. It’s more of a rudimentary rendering of a naked man and woman, next to a strand of DNA. However, this raises even more questions. Why would another lifeform want to come to Earth based on a naked picture of a human being? Well, to make sure these alien civilizations don’t get the wrong idea, the humans on the plaque are also waving, to symbolize a tone of friendliness. Because if you get naked without permission, you had better be waving. The DNA strand next to the humans is also coded with binary and meant to showcase our usage of gravity. Scientists believe that any aliens out there might be used to speaking or reading in binary code.

This strange attempt to lure aliens to Earth is part of a scientific study. The NASA nudes initiative is part of a study called BITG, which stands for Beacon in the Galaxy. Scientists believe that sending this image of naked humans in binary code will help to open a line of communication to any alien civilizations that might exist somewhere past our planet. Honestly, we get wanting to discover if we are not the only ones alive on this ever-expanding universe, but maybe offering up our bodies to be studied isn’t the right way to go.

Strangely enough, this is not the first time that naked drawings of humans were sent into space. Back in the 1970s, more NASA nudes were sent on board the Pioneer 10 (1972) and Pioneer 11 (1973) missions. Both these probes had naked pictures of humans on a plaque similar to the one that is being sent currently. The last known bit of communication was from the Pioneer 10 which sent its last signal back to Earth in 2003. The signal was from 7.6 billion light-years away. If there happens to be any sort of alien race living that far away, they might still be wondering why they received a naked human picture as a “hello.”

NASA nudes might just be how scientists believe that communication can be started because we are likely seen as a primitive race to any extraterrestrials that are out there. Using binary code to speak and showcase some of our mathematical equations on Earth could be how we get aliens to come and study us. Or they might just be grossed out and fly even further away.