New The Walking Dead Game Promises Innovative Immersion

While The Walking Dead has many iterations throughout many mediums, a brand-new innovative game is on the way to Facebook Gaming.

By Jason Collins | Published

the walking dead

The Walking Dead television series continues spewing out more fantastic content, including the upcoming Tales of the Walking Dead spin-off series, more episodes of Fear the Walking Dead spin-off series, TWD movie, and the final episodes of the original series. However, this summer, zombie-loving fans will have an opportunity to sink their teeth into a new, interactive, and incredibly immersive The Walking Dead video game launching on Facebook Gaming and Watch.

According to ComicBook, Skybound Entertainment, in cooperation with Genvid Technologies, revealed The Walking Dead: Last Mile — a new project that’s partially a video game, and partially interactive television. Last Mile is set to be an exclusive release through Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch, scheduled for a summer 2022 release window, though the exact date remains unspecified. According to Skybound and Genvid, this new project, billed as a massively interactive live event (MILE) offers unparalleled immersion, through innovative technologies.

From what we managed to gather about MILE, it sets out to be a “choose your own adventure” type of interactive television, whose story will change based on the player’s decisions. This offers plenty of possibility for some unique and exceptionally interesting storytelling within The Walking Dead world. Fans could also play games and interact with this new world and its inhabitants as a community, working either collectively or individually to affect the unfolding story at its every turn.

In theory, the upcoming The Walking Dead MILE experience has a storytelling style similar to those of the Telltale Games series, whose creative studio has been revived, where players’ choices directly affect the story and all the characters involved. If the Last Mile comes even close to matching Telltale Games’ compelling storytelling and drama, it could become a massive success among the gaming-loving fans of TWD fandom.

tales of the walking dead

Admittedly, The Walking Dead: Last Mile isn’t the first MILE experience Genvid has produced. In fact, the company has previously released Rival Peak, the very first MILE built for commercial purposes, which involved players working together to solve various puzzles and affect the outcome of the story. The experience was a massive hit, and a vast number of players collaborated 24/7, working together towards the solution of Rival Peak’s mysteries. So, it seems that the immersive experience of The Walking Dead universe is in good hands.

With that said, the details surrounding the upcoming The Walking Dead MILE are limited. In fact, the details pertaining to the fans’ interaction with the story, the level of interaction itself, what characters will be involved, and the overall series setting, still haven’t been revealed. Considering that Genvid and Skybount are advertising their future release as an “incredibly immersive experience” it’s entirely possible that we’re discussing some type of VR gaming experience.

Any new information regarding the Last Mile’s characters, story, and setting, as well as how interaction/gameplay mechanics work, will likely be revealed before summer 2022 when the MILE is set to release. The most recent release in The Walking Dead universe is the Episode 11 of the final season of the original series, which is expected to conclude in a few months. Fans of the series can jump right over to the drama of the new video game when it is released.