Jeopardy! Streaming Game Can Be Played Using Only Your Voice

By Jason Collins | Published

Roku’s Jeopardy! streaming game

Roku just launched its first voice-activated game, and users can now play Jeopardy! by shouting answers at their television set. To be honest, anyone who ever watched Jeopardy! already shouted their answers at the TV countless times, but this time, the TV listens.

A streaming Jeopardy! game is available on Roku, with players able to answer questions with their own voices.

According to Variety, the new Jeopardy! game on Roku has been developed by Volley, a rising developer with a few voice-activated games under its belt. To play the game on Roku, players respond to clues using their voices, just like actual contestants on the game show.

The game has several different modes in which you compete against answers submitted by other real players, which have been pre-recorded during their sessions. At the end of the session, a leaderboard appears to show you how well you stack up against other Jeopardy! players.

Adding Jeopardy! to its platform is a genius move by Roku because people like quizzes, and by having this game in its offering, Roku will be able to capture the user’s attention more effectively and retain the user on the platform longer. This is actually quite important for an ad-driven company.

It’s basically like you’re actually competing in Jeopardy!, but instead of answering the host, you speak your answer into your Roku remote.

As stated above, contestants can compete against other players to answer cues through each of the game’s rounds, including Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy. It’s basically like you’re actually competing in Jeopardy!, but instead of answering the host, you speak your answer into your Roku remote.

Jeopardy! is currently available on all Roku devices through the Volley app; however, those who already have Amazon Alexa can also play the game. It’s worth noting that the game isn’t free. Yes, there is a week-long free trial, but after that, you’ll have to subscribe and shell out $10 each month to the Volley app.

Volley’s Jeopardy! game gives a week-long free trial

As of right now, Jeopardy! is the only game sported by Volley, though the company already stated that there are multiple voice-activated gaming titles in development—most likely for Roku and/or their own platform.

The studio behind Jeopardy! reports a user base that’s over 20 million players strong, with more than 100 million game sessions logged for its other games, including the popular Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Wheel of Fortune—though the studio also worked on Song Quiz and The Price is Right.

Jeopardy! The Game Show

 Jeopardy!, the quiz, not the voice-activated game, is in its 39th season in syndication, and it currently claims a weekly audience of over 20 million viewers, which makes it the top-rated quiz on television. So far, it won a total of 43 Emmy Awards, for which it also got a Guinness World Record title for the most Awards won by a TV game show. And yes, there are other adaptations of Jeopardy! on the gaming market, so players aren’t limited to Roku or Amazon alone.