Fortnite No-Build Mode Has Been Renamed, See The Gameplay Trailer

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago


The first nine days of the new season of Fortnite began with a bang. Literally, as the game is chock full of explosives, but metaphorically as the game did away with one of their biggest flagship elements. The game saw the battle royale mode start with absolutely no building. The new-look competition was something that fans have long asked for, as it is difficult to have to deal with those who can erect hotel-sized buildings in milliseconds. However, a data miner also discovered that this trial “no-build” mode was not going to go away after players got to experiment with it. The new no-building mode has officially been renamed and a gameplay trailer has come along with it. You can see the video for the “Zero Build” mode below:

The trailer shows gunfire, explosives, a tank, and rocket launches causing all kinds of mayhem as the gameplay trailer goes on. The action is enhanced by the accompaniment of catchy music, which is the usual M.O. for Fortnite trailers. The new “Zero Build” mode is the new name for the mode that lives up to its namesake. There will be absolutely no building in this mode, though some of the functions from the trial period will remain. Faster sprinting speed, overshields, and vaulting have remained in this new mode. These new elements are there to give those who may not be as good at shooting more of a chance.

Fortnite has long been a game that requires cunning and some fast reactionary time to put in buildings that would protect you from incoming gunfire, however, it is also quite interesting that Epic Games has seen the value in adding a no-build mode to the game. Sometimes the best thing that game studios can do is do exactly what the fans ask for. It helps create a much bigger sense of community for the gamers and studios. While this “Zero Build” mode is not set to take over the main mode of the game, the fact that it has been added bodes well for it sticking around. Epic Games usually ties in what’s happening in Fortnite to an overarching narrative, so expect more of the story to come out soon. No further modes have been added as of yet, but “Zero Build” and the main mode are expected to coexist side by side in the near future. Adding the no-building mode has also seen quite a few streamers return to the game, with the reception on Reddit and social media for the “Zero Build” mode being highly positive. It sounds as if Epic Games sees the value in keeping things going this way for now.

Fans of the no-building idea can download and play this “Zero Build” mode on Fortnite right now. With the clock ticking down on the normal mode returning, fans won’t have to worry about the no-build mode disappearing any time soon. Fans of the traditional style of battle royale combat will love what is being done to arguably the biggest battle royale in the world.