Fortnite Removes One Of Its Flagship Elements In New Update

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago


Fans of Fortnite and those who consistently have an issue with building in the game can finally breathe a sigh of relief. During the new season of Fortnite, which is entitled Chapter 3, Season 2: Resistance, Epic Games has decided to do away with one of the chief components of the game: building. Yes, that’s right, there is now full-on gameplay in which building no longer occurs. This revelation has been long asked for among the gaming community because most who play this game can erect hotel-sized buildings with the flick of a wrist, or button. It has made the game quite challenging for those not as good as building.

The decision to do away with building in Fornite is certainly one that will completely change the makeup of the competitive side of the game. Those who might not be the best at shooting have often been able to build with lightning speed to evade being taken down by opposing players, but that will not be the case any longer. Well, that’s the idea for the first nine days of the season, as Epic Games has tied the no-building component into the narrative of the game. This is likely just the trial period in which Epic Games wants to test out how successful or unsuccessful it is to remove the building from a game that lives and dies by that component. However, Fortnite taking away building turns it into what makes other battle royale games so fun and special. This could be the first step in doing away with building altogether. Not entirely, but we mean there could be a new game mode that would be dedicated to the game that revolves around no building at all.


To combat the fact that there will be no building, there has also been an added overshield added to each player. This shield will be on top of player health and added shields found around the map. This overshield will slowly replenish when it hits zero. There are also new maneuvers added that aid in allowing players a better chance at escaping gunfire. While this seems like a bit more protection than is needed in-game, it could be also to help those who are prone to building and lack the shooting skills necessary for a win. Either way, this is certainly going to be a much more exciting version of Fortnite going forward. On top of the new non-building gameplay, the new chapter is also adding Doctor Strange and The Prowler to their growing list of crossover champs that players can control. Well, Prowler is more of a villain, but still.

Fortnite has enjoyed quite a bit of success as the #1 battle royale, though Call of Duty: Warzone is clipping at their tails. Taking away the building component might bring a whole new fanbase back to the game, and it could certainly bring back fans who also hated the building aspect. Regardless, a Fortnite game without building is sure to cause some controversy among the community. Epic Games has also announced that all purchases between March 20 to April 2 will be donated in relief to aid Ukraine, which has already achieved over $36 million in just 24 hours.