Diablo 4 Players Experiencing Confusing Glitch, Here’s How To Fix

By Jason Collins | Published

diablo 4
Diablo 4

Diablo 4 had a reasonably good start, considering the scope of the game. However, the release isn’t without its issues, and the most common one is associated with the in-game blacksmith NPC—which is actually one of the most useful NPCs in the entire game. Thankfully, it looks like there’s a way around the glitch.

An annoying glitch in Diablo 4 has the NPC blacksmith telling players their inventory is full, whether or not it’s true.

It’s worth noting that this is a new bug that has appeared in the game and not something that has plagued the game since its launch.

According to GameRant, players are currently experiencing a massive issue with the blacksmith NPC in Diablo 4. It would seem that every time someone tries to interact with the NPC, they’re told that their in-game inventory is full.

For the majority of players, the error is associated with an error text option found in the game’s sound setting, which apparently solves the issue. However, a small portion of gamers have theorized that it’s entirely possible for their crafting bags—bags containing crafting material—to be full, thus prompting the error message when interacting with the NPC.

This isn’t a game-breaking bug, but it is a nuisance, especially considering the amount of farming and grinding in the newly-released Diablo 4. Maxing out the allotted space in the players crafting inventory isn’t so far fetched as it seems and could be the cause of the issue for some.

diablo 4
Diablo 4

Most crafting materials can be converted to higher levels to make more space, but the process can be time-consuming, and many players do it when there’s no other option for gaining additional inventory space.

Activision Blizzard promised to implement the unlimited cap for the material bags in Diablo 4, similar to how they did with World of Warcraft a few expansions ago when they increased the crafting material stack cap from 20 to 200 units per stack.

This isn’t a game-breaking bug, but it is a nuisance, especially considering the amount of farming and grinding in the newly-released Diablo 4.

This merged all stacks into one, and for 200 units of a single material, it freed up nine inventory slots. So, it gave players more space to hoard unnecessary junk next to useful materials.

As said above, the new blacksmith bug isn’t game-breaking, and it appears to have occurred with the last update to the game, so it will likely be removed in the subsequent update or server reset. Other than that, good things await Diablo 4 players since the development team has announced that a new developer update will be coming soon, as well as the update on when Season One of the game is supposed to start.

What’s New In Diablo 4

Furthermore, new super-rare unique items in Diablo 4 have started dropping for players, which now increases the fandom’s incentive to grind and farm to max level for a chance to acquire these overpowered items—which are actually really powerful.

But, even with the newest additions and bug fixes for the game, the developers at ABK still have plenty of in-game issues to address to provide the Diablo 4 player base with the smoothest gaming experience.

For those interested, Diablo 4 dropped on June 5 this year on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One—for which Microsoft won’t produce games anymore—and the Xbox Series X|S.