Zack Snyder Chose Netflix For Rebel Moon Because Disney Would Have Ruined It

By Jessica Goudreault | Published

Rebel Moon

What do you do when Disney and George Lucas reject your new Star Wars movie idea? If you’re Zack Snyder, then you take your movie idea over to Netflix where you have more creative freedom. That’s exactly what the director did with his new movie Rebel Moon, according to Screen Rant.

Zack Snyder wanted creative freedom over his next franchise, Rebel Moon, so he’s glad Disney rejected it and is now working with Netflix instead.

Zack Snyder recently shared that he is actually glad that Disney and George Lucas rejected Rebel Moon, and that he sees it as a blessing. If he had created the film under the Star Wars umbrella, it would have limited what it could become.

By creating the movie with Netflix, the director had full creative control to make the R-rated action film he envisioned.

Rebel Moon will follow a young, mysterious woman named Kora as she finds warriors from nearby planets to help her colony fight the tyrannical armies of Regent Balisarius. Kora will need to fight back against her corrupt government and former Imperium to try and bring peace and freedom to her home planet.

On the surface, it sounds like it could be a Star Wars movie, but Zack Snyder describes it as “Seven Samurai in space.” The action and sci-fi director is best known for his work on films like 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch as well as his DC Universe films like Man of Steel and Justice League.

Sofia Boutella in Rebel Moon

He has his own darker style of directing that probably would not mesh well with the Star Wars universe, and it could have caused some controversy within the loyal fanbase.

Rebel Moon will feature an impressive cast of characters, with Sofia Boutella playing the badass lead role of Kora. The young Algerian actress is best known for her work in 2017’s The Mummy and 2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. Most recently, she appeared as Eve Mansour in the MGM+ TV series Rogue Heroes and as Dr. Zahra in Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

On the surface, it sounds like it could be a Star Wars movie, but Zack Snyder describes it as “Seven Samurai in space.”

The talented Djimon Hounsou will play the role of General Titus, a former general who will help Kora fight against the armies. Charlie Hunnam will play Kai, a mercenary starship pilot that also fights alongside Kora. Ed Skrein will portray Admiral Atticus Noble, who fights against Kora and her army.

The rest of the cast will include several other stars like Cary Elwes, Anthony Hopkins, Jena Malone, Cleopatra Coleman, and Michiel Huisman, though not all of their roles have yet been disclosed to the public.

When To Expect Rebel Moon

The Zack Snyder film be broken into at least two parts, with Rebel Moon Part 1 set to be released on Netflix on December 22, 2023. If all goes well, then the film could become a franchise with its own universe and intellectual property, similar to Star Wars, Marvel, and DC films.

Get ready for lots of action, adventure, and drama when the first Rebel Moon movie comes to Netflix this winter, but don’t expect to see any stormtroopers or light sabers.