Yellowstone Season 5 Just Got A Terrible Update About Its Return

Fans will have to wait until the summer of 2023 to watch the remainder of Yellowstone Season 5.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Yellowstone Season 5

Every now and then, television shows are victims of their own success. For example, Yellowstone’s last season ended with Jamie declaring all-out war on the governor (who also happens to be his dad) John Dutton, and this left fans on the edges of their seats waiting to find out what happens next. Unfortunately, Deadline reports that we won’t be seeing the rest of Yellowstone Season 5 until the summer of 2023.

“Summer of 2023” is the most specific information we have at this point. Paramount has not declared a specific date that the second part of Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere, which has left many fans hoping it will debut sooner rather than later. Since the fifth season premiered on November 13, 2022, many were hoping they wouldn’t have to wait quite so long to get more resolution to their favorite stories and dramas.

Some good news for fans is that the premiere of Yellowstone Season 5 has already proven to be a major success. Fans were so eager to dive back into this universe that they practically devoured the initial trailer for the season. In only 24 hours, that trailer managed to get 1.7 million engagements and 14.4 million views after it dropped on September 29, which gave Paramount big hopes that this next season would be a success.

Those hopes certainly paid off once Yellowstone Season 5 began airing. After they crunched the numbers, Paramount discovered that the premiere episode of the season was up 52 percent in the always-important demographic of adults 18-34 compared to the premiere of season 4. And across different platforms, over 12 million viewers tuned in to see the season get started. While that is great news for Paramount and show creators Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, the big spike in audience numbers means that there are many more fans disappointed about having to wait until the summer to see how the rest of this season unfolds.

Part of what made Yellowstone Season 5 so exciting at first is that it added some new blood to the cast. Lainey Wilson, Kai Caster, Dawn Olivieri, and Lili Kay all joined the show and hit the ground running as compelling characters in their own right. They joined some of the familiar faces audiences were already accustomed to, including Jacki Weaver, Josh Lucas, Kyle Red Silverstein, and Kylie Rogers.

Yellowstone season 5
Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton in Yellowstone

While nobody likes to wait for the return of their favorite show, the delayed return of Yellowstone Season 5 may end up being a good thing for both audiences and Paramount alike. Basically, the longer we go without seeing our favorite characters back in action, the more the hype builds, which increases the odds of season 5 coming back with an even bigger audience than it started with. And devotees of the show have even more time now to generate everything from intricate fan theories to silly memes that help keep everyone engaged with the franchise in a way those prequel series never could.