Two More Yellowstone Prequels Are In The Works

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan said that he has plans to create two more Yellowstone prequels set in the 1940s and 1960s.

By Erika Hanson | Published

For the past five years, Paramount’s Yellowstone has made the Wild West fun again with Kevin Costner’s hit drama. With massive success, Yellowstone led to the 1883 limited series, and the upcoming prequel, 1923. Now, Paramount has announced that the prequel series has already been renewed for a second, and two more spinoffs set in the 1940s and 1960s are also in the works. 

Variety broke the joyous news about more Yellowstone prequels when they announced that 1923 would be split into two seasons. While it hasn’t necessarily been confirmed as a sure thing, franchise creator Taylor Sheridan said he is considering two more series to take place in both the 40s and the 60s. But what exactly would these spinoffs look like?

Unfortunately, Sheridan gave but a glimpse into the Yellowstone prequels possibilities, only naming their period in portraying the Dutton legacy. Fans shouldn’t expect to see Kevin Costner in either of these series though. According to Outsider, Costner’s John Dutton was born in 1955, after the 40s prequel would take place.

However, if the 60s Yellowstone prequel does happen, viewers would likely be treated to take a gander at a very young John Dutton. His father, John Dutton II would likely have been the patriarch during the 60s (and possibly the 40s), so it remains a mystery how or why the two spinoffs would be separated. But in the meantime, the upcoming 1923 prequel should shed some light on the history of the Dutton Ranch. 

1923 doesn’t have a set day of release yet, but it will begin streaming on Paramount+ sometime in December. The Yellowstone prequel has an exciting cast lineup, with Harrison Ford portraying Jacob Dutton as he helms the ranch and Helen Mirren will play his wife Clara. Likewise, James Badge Dale, Brandon Sklenar, Timothy Dalton, Darren Mann, Jerome Flynn, Marley Shelton, Sebastian Roché, and Robert Patrick will also star. 

The upcoming Yellowstone prequel will follow a different generation of the Dutton family, back in Montana during the 1920s. The period drama will show the Dutton Ranch through westward expansion, the prohibition era, and also the Great Depression. All of these tribulations will surely come into play as the Duttons, as usual, struggle to keep control of their vast land. 

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Yellowstone 1883

It comes as no surprise that Sheridan and Paramount would be eager to make a growing franchise out of Yellowstone with more planned prequels. 1883 ended its limited series last February, proving to be successful with leads like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Eliot. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show an 89% approval rating from 27 critics, and it garnered three primetime Emmy nominations.

If Yellowstone 1923 proves to be just as successful (or more so) there is no telling how far Paramount will take the beloved franchise. Season five of the original series will premiere in just a few weeks on November 13th. And as long as viewers keep tuning in to the western series, the network is likely to keep developing the franchise – we may even get a spinoff sequel series of the modern-day Dutton children at this rate.