Yellowstone Killing Off Its Best Character?

Yellowstone may soon kill off Wes Bentley's character, Jamie Dutton, as the actor revealed he had foreshadowed the character's death since the beginning.

By Mark McKee | Published

Yellowstone’s Jamie Dutton

One of the ways that Game of Thrones changed television is that we fans watch serious series with not only the preparation but the expectation that our favorite characters will perish before the end. Yellowstone is no different, as the first few episodes saw the eldest Dutton son lose his life in the first conflict against the competing Indian Reservation. Now that Season 5 is trucking along, Screen Rant believes there is a possibility that Jamie Dutton could die before the end credits roll on the hit Peacock series. 

There is a lot of evidence that Jamie Dutton’s time on the series is coming to an end, as his conflict with his family has done nothing but increase as the seasons go on. However, that has been the case for four and a half seasons, and he is still here, so the theory that Jamie Dutton isn’t long for this fictional Yellowstone world has to be taken with a grain of salt. The slippery and controversial member of the Dutton family has a knack for survival and perseverance, regardless of how disconnected he continues to become. 

Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bently understands the theory, as he himself has been preparing for his character to perish since Season 1. The actor revealed that the role has taken its toll on him, with the melancholy Jamie Dutton bringing him down. He also confessed that he has felt that his character could die at any point, citing the reality of TV and the brutality of Yellowstone as reasons his character could die early on. 

However, Jamie Dutton has persisted through some of the most devastating and dark character revelations and story arcs. He is even often compared to the Game of Thrones character of Theon Greyjoy, going from a loyal family member to broken down and ostracized. But he has remained in a position of conflict against his sister, Beth (Kelly Reilly), and his father, John (Kevin Costner). 

yellowstone wes bentley

One of the more devastating revelations of Jamie Dutton’s past is that, while he is presented as one of the primary siblings in the Dutton family in Yellowstone, he is actually adopted, a fact that his cold sister never lets him forget. He also found himself in a situation where he unveiled too much information to a reporter and couldn’t convince her to keep it unpublished; the result was him flying into a fit of rage and committing murder. Following that incident, he disappeared into a field with one of his father’s guns, preparing to kill himself out of guilt, only to be stopped by the patriarch of the family. 

This may come as a surprise to some that follow along with Wes Bentley or Jamie Dutton since the actor revealed some time ago that he knows how the series will end. Revealing that he knows how the story will end after being told by creator Taylor Sheridan while also preparing for his character to die at any moment seems conflicting. But let’s be honest, his Yellowstone character is nothing if not conflicting.