The Reason Wes Bentley Stormed Off On His Yellowstone Co-Stars

Wes Bentley stormed off on his Yellowstone co-stars after he lost a round of bowling following a long day of shooting.

By TeeJay Small | Published

wes bentley
Wes Bentley in Yellowstone

There are dozens of famous behind the scenes stories involving actors storming off during heated exchanges, such as the viral 2009 video involving Christian Bale, who famously walked off set after screaming at the director of Terminator Salvation. Such was the case for Wes Bentley after shooting a season 1 episode of Yellowstone. As recalled by Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White on the most recent episode of The Official Yellowstone Podcast, the highly competitive Interstellar actor left a social gathering in anger, stating “We went bowling, and Wes Bentley got so mad because he lost in bowling that he left.”

The episode in which Wes Bentley’s storm out is discussed is humorously titled Romance on the Ranch, and features Yellowstone alumnus Jen Landon and Jefferson White. In the podcast, Denim Richards joins to discuss a host of topics including notable romantic relationships within the ever expanding Yellowstone Universe. Near the end of the podcast episode, the trio pondered on off set stories they could share with the fans, eventually landing on the bowling alley debacle.

Obviously, Wes Bentley’s frustrations with the Yellowstone cast weren’t quite as severe as Christian Bales, as the cast went on to laugh about the experience later in the podcast. As Denim Richards and Jefferson White went on to note, Bentley was likely exhausted from carrying the baggage of his intense Yellowstone character, ruthless lawyer and politician Jamie Dutton. Add to that the fact that Bentley is a highly competitive athlete, and you’ve got yourself a powder keg of emotions large enough to blow the entire Dutton ranch to smithereens.

Wes Bentley’s Yellowstone character appears in nearly every episode in the series, garnering massive fan attention and a litany of incredible scenes committed to film. The incredibly tense nature of his character often leaves both viewers of and characters within Yellowstone concerned for the future of Jamie Dutton. When last we saw the litigious politician he was caught in the midst of his family’s drama, revealing to Beth where the bodies are buried.

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Wes Bentley in Yellowstone

With Yellowstone currently on its mid season hiatus, fans are concerned that the remaining 6 episodes may have Jamie facing peril and certain doom. Regardless of any behind the scenes drama, fans of the show can conclude that Wes Bentley has been an invaluable asset to the Yellowstone family since the show’s inception back in 2018. White and Richards certainly seemed fond of the BAFTA award winning actor when speaking about him during the podcast, proving that even with stories of mini meltdowns, Bentley pulls through with an impeccable performance.

In fact, Wes Bentley may not even be the largest creator of off set drama behind the scenes of Yellowstone, as Kevin Costner’s current contract disputes are threatening to end the very show. With rumors swirling of Matthew McConaughey taking over for the John Dutton actor, fans are currently losing it on social media, rallying for the show’s end sooner than a departure of Costner or a recasting of his character. With the future of the show in a constant state of flux, the official podcast seems to be a great resource for up to date information on the show’s many behind the scenes stories.