Will Smith Rocks a Dad Bod And Opens Up About Suicide In Trailer For Best Shape Of My Life

Will Smith is sharing a lot about his life in the trailer for his new series.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Six months ago, Will Smith announced that he was in the worst shape of his life. He vowed that he was going to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks. During that time, he was also going to write a memoir about his life. The actor is active on social media and has shared a lot about his family and what he does day to day. During this 20-week weight loss and writing journey, he decided to also film a documentary series tracking his progress. The Best Shape of My Life has just dropped a trailer and it’s promising that audiences are going to see a whole new side of the actor.

See Will Smith opening up about weight loss, writing, and the real him below.

As shown in the trailer, he started The Best Shape Of My Life thinking he was just focused on a weight loss journey. As he moved along, Will Smith says he discovered a lot of hidden things about himself. He then decided to share them with the camera. At 50 seconds into the trailer, he’s shown telling his children, “That was the only time in my life that I ever considered suicide.” The trailer doesn’t show what it was that had Will Smith contemplating suicide earlier in his life. It could be assumed that the conversation in the documentary, and with his children, is coming up because it is a topic he’ll be covering in the memoir he’s shown writing during the trailer.

About a minute into the trailer, Will Smith says that he’s quitting the project. It’s assumed that he doesn’t, though. He then talks about how audiences know him one way. They know him as an MC and the guy from Men In Black. However, he says that his large public persona is used to help him cover up the parts of himself he considers cowardly. The way he says these things as narration over the trailer makes it sound as though he may be reading them from his memoir.

The trailer for the new Will Smith documentary is going to focus more on the actor’s personal life, something he’s also going to be covering in the memoir mentioned in the trailer. That book will be called Will and is hitting shelves the following day. He’ll be doing a small five-stop tour for the book, which he co-wrote with the help of author Mark Manson.

This isn’t the only documentary series Will Smith is currently working on. In December, fans will be able to see the star on Disney+ for Welcome to Earth, a new series that has him defying death and exploring adventures the world has to offer.

The Best Shape of My Life will premier on YouTube Originals with the first two episodes on November 8, 2021. The episodes will then release every day until November 12, 2021. The series will be six episodes in total. Will Smith’s new memoir, Will, hits bookshelves the day after the first two episodes release, on November 9, 2021.