See Will Poulter As Adam Warlock In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Check out these 2 images of Will Poulter as Adam Warlock for Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

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Hot off the news that The Revenant and Detroit actor Will Poulter has been tapped to play the Marvel Comics hero Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, fans can get their first glimpse at the actor in costume — unofficially. Two separate artists were quick to post their imagining of what Will Poulter will look like when he dons Adam Warlock’s iconic costume. While the images aren’t officially sanctioned by Marvel, it’s hard to imagine a world where director and all-around comic book nerd, James Gunn, would stray too far from putting the actor in a comics accurate costume. 

The first image comes from artist Arkin Tyagi, who rendered an animated image of Will Poulter in the iconic black and red costume of the character. His eyes and eyebrows have even been darkened in the style of the comics while his pupils show a radiant whiteness to them. Meanwhile, the stone on his forehead that gives him power is prominently displayed as he side-eyes the camera. 

The second artist’s rendering of what Will Poulter could look like as Adam Warlock comes from Bosslogic, who took to Instagram on Monday to offer a more realistic-looking painting that shows the actor with glowing eyes in a somewhat obscured reality as the area around him seems to be disintegrating. Like the previous animation, his eyes and the stone in his forehead glow brightly.

For the sake of comparison, you can see a famous image of Will Poulter’s new character in the Marvel comics below. Note that he’s been drawn many ways as he’s been in the comics for decades.

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Both artists’ versions of the character come on the heels of a report from Deadline that stated that Will Poulter had been carefully selected to play Adam Warlock after a lengthy process. Soon after, James Gunn himself took to Twitter where he confirmed the news and welcomed Will Poulter, who he described as an “amazing actor and wonderful guy” to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

It’s not altogether surprising that Adam Warlock was cast with such care to appear in the third and potentially final sequel in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise (within a franchise). The character was first teased in the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The scene sees Ayesha, played by Elizabeth Debicki, sitting in her chamber after being swindled by the team, specifically Rocket Raccoon. In an effort to get revenge and defeat the super team once and for all, she unveils her sinister creation — Adam Warlock. The character was never seen, largely because Will Poulter hadn’t yet been cast, but also it was a decidedly successful effort to keep fans on bated breath waiting for Gunn to return for a third movie. 

For those unfamiliar with the character that Will Poulter will bring to life next year, CNET notes that Adam Warlock was first introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four issue 66 in 1967, then Thor issue 163 in 1969. However, he was later revamped as a sort of cosmic messiah by Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin. Of note to Marvel Cinematic Universe fans is that he is powered by the soul stone, which is embedded in his forehead. However, the Infinity Stones are kind of over and done with, so it’s unclear how he’ll be powered in the new movie. Marvel describes Adam Warlock as having been genetically engineered to be the perfect being, who uses his super strength and other cosmic abilities in order to protect the innocent people from the darkness that the galaxy has to offer. While he’s being billed as a bit of an antagonist to the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s unlikely he’ll remain that way. 

Fans will just wait to see what Will Poulter and James Gunn have in store for the character’s live-action interaction when the film hits theaters in 2022.

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