Will Ferrell Brings A Disgusting Movie Prop With Him To Dinner Parties

Will Ferrell likes to break out the fake testicles from Step Brothers during dinner parties.

By James Brizuela | Published

Will Ferrell is one of the best comedic actors in the world, and he recently revealed that he likes to bring a disgusting prop with him to parties, one that fans of his movies will know immediately. That prop happens to be the fake testicles that were used in Step Brothers, where Ferrel’s character Brennan rubs them on John C Reilly’s character’s drum set. The hilarious scene is just one of the many that exist in arguably the funniest Ferrell movie.

According to Will Ferrell, “The testicles I put on a drum set. I bring them out for dinner parties. I have a special box I keep them in.”

Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as two grown men who can’t help but be children, as they live at home with their parents. When their parents meet and fall in love, they must do what they can to help Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) grow up and move out. However, things go south quickly, and Brennan and Dale fight one another at every turn.

The scene that involves the fake testicles that Will Ferrell holds so dear sees Brennan being accused of touching Dale’s drum set, which he explicitly says not to. Brennan finally gets fed up and tells Dale he is going to “rub” his testicles on the drum set, which he does, and gets knocked out for it.

Will Ferrell admitted that he has some great memorabilia from some of his movies but admitted that he likes to break out those fake testicles during dinner parties. In what context he is bringing them out is certainly a mystery to us, though we would imagine it is always in some sort of humorous context. The fact that he also places them in a special box is quite hilarious as well, as we imagine they are placed in some nice wooden box with a velvet interior.

Yeah, we might have gotten carried away with our own imagination, but Will Ferrell is the one who stated that the fake testicles are in some special box. Step Brothers is arguably one of the funniest movies ever made, and is the best from both Ferrell and Reilly. While the pair tried to recapture that same level of hilarity in other features, it just wasn’t ever on the same level as Step Brothers.

Will Ferrell shines when he has another comedic cohort next to him, and he has done so in Spirited, which is a comedy musical based on the classic Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol. While it has been some time since Reilly has paired with Ferrell, we would bet that he likely has a cameo appearance, which is the usual case for the pair. Spirited is currently in theaters and set to premiere on AppleTV on November 18th.

If you happen to be invited to Will Ferrell’s dinner parties, ask him about the fake testicles, and let us know what kind of special box he keeps them in. Maybe even ask for that prop to be involved in your dinner in some way. It could even be a drink, quite possibly a tea….you get the idea.