Wednesday Season 2 Epic Dance Coming From The Most Unlikely Character

Luis Guzman revealed he will engage in a Wednesday Dance next season.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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Netflix has been having a pretty bad year due to losing subscribers and then stepping on every possible rake by cracking down on password sharing, the streaming platform enjoyed a major hit with its Addams Family spinoff show Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega as the title character. The quirky antics of this Tim Burton show series became memes that fans couldn’t stop sharing, including endless memes commenting on the differences between Wednesday’s gothic sensibilities and those of her bubbly blonde roommate. But the biggest breakout moment of Wednesday was Ortega’s iconic dance scene, and in a recent interview with Screen Rant, Gomez Addams actor Luiz Guzmán confirmed he would be demonstrating who Wednesday inherited her moves from in the next season: “I’m going to dance.”

Guzmán presented this like it was a very surprising revelation, and it’s true that we don’t normally associate this actor with busting out sweet dance moves onscreen. However, the character of Gomez Addams is quite known for his dancing skills, ranging from him and his wife Morticia teaching servant Lurch to dance in the original show to husband and wife tearing up the tango floor in Addams Family Values. In this newer show, it seems like we’re going to get another demonstration that Wednesday isn’t the only one with serious dance movies, and we’d frankly kill (Wednesday would help us hide the body, right?) to see Guzmán and Morticia star Catherine Zeta-Jones bring the house down with their own killer dance number.

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Believe it or not, learning that another Wednesday star is going to dance onscreen is one of the few things we know about the second season of this fan-favorite TV show, especially since we don’t know when the season is going to drop. We also don’t know which of the countless cliffhangers the last season ended on are going to get any kind of follow-up. We’ll presumably learn more about Wednesday’s stalker and see her reunited with new bestie Enid, but it’s unclear whether Tyler Hyde will escape authorities and wreak havoc again or if the students of Nevermore Academy will face an entirely new foe.

Implicitly, one of the only things we know for certain about the next season of Wednesday is that, in addition to seeing Gomez dance, we’re going to see more of the Addams Family. In season one, Gomez, Morticia, and Pugsley were very sidelined, and the family faces we became most familiar with were Thing (the disembodied hand sent to spy on Wednesday before becoming an unexpected ally) and Fester (who was the focus of a very memorable episode). It looks like the next season will let us learn more about Gomez at the very least (who also promised in the interview that “I’m going to have a sword fight”) and likely more about Morticia (whose own iconic time at Nevermore Academy loomed large over the first season and over Wednesday herself).

We don’t know who Gomez will be fighting, but we do know that right now, the biggest enemy this famous family faces is the specter of the first season’s success. Quite frankly, it will be difficult for the next season of Wednesday to be anywhere near as successful as the previous one, even if it does feature Gomez busting out his dance skills. Still, the sheer charisma and star power of Jenna Ortega may be enough to get audiences to tune in…assuming, of course, Netflix hasn’t found more creative ways to run itself into the ground before the season premiere.