Jenna Ortega Is Hosting One Of The Most Popular Shows In Television History

Jenna Ortega will host Saturday Night Live on March 11th.

By James Brizuela | Updated

jenna ortega wednesday season 2

In the wake of her massive popularity, Jenna Ortega is set to host Saturday Night Live on March 11. The musical guest paired with Ortega is The 1975, which we are not sure if she is a fan of. Either way, the Queen of Macabre will be taking her talents to SNL, which we hope comes with a skit about the “Wednesday Dance.”

The usual case for a lot of hosts who appear on Saturday Night Live is that they are also promoting a movie or release of some sort, and that is certainly the case for Jenna Ortega. She will be promoting Wednesday, per usual, which is set to likely be heavily nominated at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Also, Scream VI is set to be released on March 10, which we can assume is also going to be made fun of while Ortega is on SNL.

Joining Jenna Ortega as upcoming hosts for Saturday Night Live is Woody Harrelson, who hosts the show on February 25, and Travis Kelce, who is set to host on March 4. For those not familiar with Kelce, he plays Tight End for the Kansas City Chiefs, who just secured a Super Bowl Championship on February 12. Harrelson will be joined by Jack White as a musical guest, and Kelce will be joined by Kelsea Ballerini.

Jenna Ortega’s popularity has soared since she appeared on Wednesday, though that is not the only instance that has led to her hosting Saturday Night Live. It was Ortega’s roles in X and Scream V that cemented her as a horror icon, which has only been heightened with her highly praised role as Wednesday Addams. When the Wednesday series first premiered on Netflix, no one knew how massive it would become, but the series skyrocketed into the number three most-viewed show in Netflix history.

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Netflix has been canceling shows for quite some time, and it was taking a bit longer to confirm if Wednesday was going to move forward. However, the streaming company finally confirmed that the series was renewed for a second season, which was celebrated by Jenna Ortega on her social media platforms. She thanked fans for the massive outpouring of support in getting the show renewed, though she did reveal she regretted how famous her dance became.

Ever since the world saw the “Wednesday Dance” in an episode of Wednesday, social media was covered with fans mimicking the dance around the world, something that Jenna Ortega likely didn’t foresee happening. Despite her regret about the dance going viral, we are hoping to see Saturday Night Live take a stab at making fun of the dance. We will certainly all see if that is the case in the week leading up to her appearance on the sketch comedy show.

Jenna Ortega hosts Saturday Night Live on March 11, which will air live on NBC and Peacock at 11:30 p.m. EST. Ortega does look like the sort to laugh at her own self, so we are expecting some hilarious sketches during that episode.