See Jenna Ortega In A Sports Bra For New Commercial

Jenna Ortega showed off her new workout skills in a partnership with Adidas.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

jenna ortega wednesday

Recently Wednesday star Jenna Ortega posted on Instagram a stunning collaboration with Adidas. The video posted to her social media page shows Ortega donning multiple gorgeous items from Adidas’s athletic line. The star is duplicated multiple times across the screen, as she showcases her new athletic wear. 

In the short video, she declares “what do we want?” to which her double responds “a deep breath in.” The three Jenna Ortegas in the video are all seen in very different looks, giving viewers a sense of Adidas’s large offering of athletic wear for women.

The first time we see Jenna Ortega she is wearing a beautiful navy windbreaker, black sweatpants, and an absolutely adorable white and blue striped headband. She is also speaking into a large cherry red microphone. The emerging starlet looks ready to coach a sports league in her fashionable wear. 

The next iteration of the star is seen in a skimpy light pink sports bra. Going through a yoga pose, she looks absolutely comfortable in the revealing look and has even taken off her white shoes for practice. 

Lastly, we see Jenna Ortega sporting an extremely stylish workout look with a sparkling gold bandeau top and bold red lips. She almost looks too good to work out in the breathtaking look, but we know she can pull off anything after her multi-talented performance as Wednesday Addams. 

This new partnership comes as Jenna Ortega was named the new face of the brand’s first new label in 50 years. The move comes as an attempt to make Adidas more recognizable to Gen Z consumers. This new sub-label launch is meant to inspire a new generation of sporty, adventure-focused individuals. 

Jenna Ortega is joined by Australian footballer Mary Fowler and South Korean footballer Heung-min Son to promote Adidas’s new lineup. These new clothes are made using Adidas’s latest technology, making them more comfortable, durable, and stylish than ever before. 

It comes as no surprise that Jenna Ortega was chosen to represent this new shift in the brand’s image. After the star’s breakout performance as Wednesday Adams in the hit Netflix series Wednesday, Jenna has turned into a pop-culture icon. 

Perhaps best known for her serious demeanor and unblinking expression as the iconic character, she has stipulated to stardom. Jenna Ortega’s gothic dance number to The Cramps’ 1981 song, “Goo Goo Muck” during the show’s fourth episode has been all over the internet recently. 

The star has proven herself to be multi-talented. The iconic dance was created by Ortega for the show, even though the star has never been a dancer. Additionally, she had to learn to play the cello and speak German to play the part of Wednesday.

Her role as Wednesday has peaked many new fans’ interest in the star’s past work. While most fans did not know of Jenna Ortega until the Tim Burton series Wednesday came out, she had a long career before she took on the show. 

Jenna Ortega got her start in show business as a child actress on the show Jane the Virgin, where she played Jane in 2014. She also played Harley Diaz in the Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle. Her spooky persona got its start when she starred in the horror films Scream and X.