WandaVision Just Had Its First After Credits Sequence

By Drew Dietsch | 3 months ago

wandavision after credits

WandaVision has finally given us an after-credits scene. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become infamous for sticking in little teasers at the end of their movies. It has become such common practice that fans are sometimes more excited for the teaser than they are the actual movie. Many have been wondering whether or not the first Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe series would also be indulging in this form of teasing. Until now, the show had avoided using such a tactic. But, the newest episode finally gave us our first reason to stick around for more.

The first WandaVision after-credits scene involves Monica Rambeau a.k.a. Photon searching around the neighborhood of Westview for Monica when she comes across some basement doors. We can see from the color of her eyes that her new abilities have allowed her to see some strange form of energy emanating from this basement.

wandavision after credits photon

When the camera flips around, we can see that there are strange tendrils covering the walls of the basement and they are glowing with purple energy. The WandaVision after-credits scene seems to indicate these tendrils connect back to Agatha Harkness and whatever she has going on in her basement. It seems that she has spread her magic throughout the homes in Westview and that they are connected through all the basements in town.

agatha basement

However, the real surprise in the WandaVision after-credits scene comes when Pietro Maximoff a.k.a. Quicksilver shows up next to Monica. We know that whoever Pietro really is, he seems to either be an illusion of Agatha’s or is under his control somehow. It looks like he is going to either be her minion or a willing partner in her evil schemes.

wandavision after credits quicksilver

But, the real shocker might be what we don’t see in this WandaVision after-credits moment. When Quicksilver shows up, Monica turns around to face him. The camera cuts to a close-up of her face and the look on her face might indicate that her newfound vision has allowed her to see what Pietro really is. There is definitely something truly strange and insidious going on with Quicksilver, and Monica might be the only one who now knows the truth of his character. Could he be Mephisto?

monica rambeau

With only two episodes of WandaVision left, can we expect these after-credits moments to be showing up in every episode from here on out? Now that the precedent has been set, it might be something the audience is expecting. Heck, they were already anticipating them since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has conditioned audiences to expect them with every movie. Now that they have made their way into the streaming series on Disney+, just how many more of them can we expect?

WandaVision is headed into its last few episodes and everything is poised to really explode in universe-shattering ways. You may want to keep your hands off that fast-forward button for the future. It looks like a lot is about to go down, even after the credits have rolled. It seems like it is going to get nuttier before things get back to normal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.