Vin Diesel Sequel Finally Happening?

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Just a week after announcing to his fans that the upcoming Fast & Furious installment would be his last, Vin Diesel has taken to his social media to give followers another update on an underrated franchise. According to the I Am Groot star’s latest Instagram post, 2015’s The Last Witch Hunter may soon see a long-awaited sequel. The cryptic post claimed that Diesel’s character in the film, the immortal Kaulder, would soon embark upon a new adventure, which the actor is excited to share with the world.


vin diesel

As Vin Diesel expressed in his post, he has played many roles throughout his prolific career, with some making larger waves than others. Still, his underrated performances, such as the one anchoring The Last Witch Hunter, hold a special place in the actor’s heart, making each film in his expansive filmography special in its own way. While Vin Diesel refused to elaborate on why his time spent portraying Kaulder was so impactful to him, he expressed that the role was significant to him mentally and emotionally.

The Last Witch Hunter 2?

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Vin Diesel’s tease has fans speculating they may be treated to another installment of Kaulder’s witch-hunting ways. The Fast and Furious star spent a great deal of personal time fleshing out the character and developing a world of backstory for the film, despite the project failing to make a massive splash at the box office. While many fans of the actor’s work have already forgotten about it, Vin Diesel has been trying to get a sequel off the ground for over 4 years.

Previous Attempts At The Last Witch Hunter 2

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Back in 2020 Diesel originally toyed with the idea of another Last Witch Hunter outing, with Michael Caine expected to reprise his role as well. Of course, Caine has since retired from screen acting entirely, meaning the project will likely need to be reconfigured if the script is already written. When Vin Diesel last discussed the possible sequel, he argued that the pandemic had become a driving force to revive many underrated IPs, with Lionsgate potentially on board to produce and distribute the film.

He’s Got A Busy Schedule

Since then, the A-lister’s schedule has been fully packed, with ventures such as the Fast & Furious films, the MCU, and several variations of the video game Ark: Survival eating up his availability. Now that the Fast & Furious franchise is finally poised to come to an emotional close, it seems as though Vin Diesel has the availability to turn one of his other beloved outings into a full-blown franchise.

Streaming Helped The Last Witch Hunter

According to Vin Diesel, the unexpected popularity of The Last Witch Hunter, despite its poor box office performance, can be attributed to streaming, with the film still able to find its audience months or years after its release. Because Diesel serves as a major component of multiple blockbuster franchises, it helps bring attention to his lesser known work.