7 TV Shows With The Most Annoying Fans

The most annoying fans include Bronies, Rick and Morty stans, and people that unironically say "Bazinga."

By Britta DeVore | Published

The wide world of television has inspired some truly unique stories over the last century and, in turn, many shows have earned themselves hardcore dedicated fanbases. While franchises like Star Trek and Yellowstone may have inspired cosplay costume after cosplay costume, you won’t see their followers driving them onto our official list of most annoying fandoms. Buckle up and don’t have your feelings hurt if your favorite show made it on the list – it just means you’re ride or die for your favorite characters.

7. The Big Bang Theory

big bang theory

When Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady came up with the idea for the CBS smash hit series, The Big Bang Theory, it’s unclear whether they knew how much they’d be playing into the typical “nerd” stereotypes. Over 12 seasons, the show featured a group of nerdy friends bound together by their love of math, science, and all things Star Trek. Likewise, the show developed a strong following of fans with similar interests – and a group that loves to overuse the multitude of memorable catchphrases from the characters and one-up you on your knowledge of Trek and really anything else that they may have a better grasp on. 

6. Doctor Who

doctor who rose tyler

Coming in at number six are the Whovians – those bound in dedication to the beloved sci-fi drama Doctor Who. With a series that got its start in the early 1960s, you’ll, of course, have folks who have watched the show since its very early days and cheered on its resurgence. The major downfall to having a show run for as long as Doctor Who is that newer fans may find themselves isolated from those who have been with the production since its early days or – at the very least – have seen each and every episode.

There are also great debates about who the best Doctor is – an argument that may alienate new-to-the-universe participants as they’re often “well actually-ed” out of the conversation.

5. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Yes, that’s right, a children’s show has made it onto our list of shows with the most annoying fans, but it isn’t because of the targeted crowd. Over the years, adult men known as “Bronies” have taken a liking to the series and made it their own. While the themes are good for any age group, the dedication of the Bronies has earned the following their very own documentary titled Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. While it’s great to share a peace and love mindset, there is still something slightly unnerving about the Bronies galloping forward in their undying love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

4. The Walking Dead

walking dead dead city

Over 11 seasons, AMC raked in hand over fist in viewership numbers with their zombie series, The Walking Dead. And they have one group to thank for their magnificent success that has led to spin-off after spin-off – the Deadheads. No, these aren’t fans of the legendary jam band, they’re the audience who tuned in episode after episode to see what would become of their favorite heroes and villains.

Unfortunately, things have also gone sour for some of the members of the fandom, as they’ve been known to drop spoilers all over the internet and not be very welcoming of newcomers. 

3. Game Of Thrones

It had to happen. As a fan of more than one of these shows, I don’t find myself above the annoyance that those of us dedicated Game of Thrones fans have caused others. For many, the words “Well, in the books…” were uttered countless times over the show’s eight-season run, and with, well, so much departure from the original novels, it’s a surprise that more of us didn’t suffer from aneurysms by the end.

Since George R.R. Martin never finished his novels (and probably never will), many were left unsatisfied with how the HBO series ended – and they will let you know it.

2. Rick and Morty

Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rick and Morty is another animated series that has found itself on our list. More targeted toward the adult crowd, the show has put a bitter taste in the mouths of some fans who find themselves ousted by the base. To separate themselves from newbies, these aggro fans have gone as far as to bring up deep cuts of plot lines to make others feel unincluded and not in the know.

1. Supernatural

The Winchesters

When a show was on for as long as the 15-season juggernaut known as Supernatural was, there will undoubtedly be a deeply attached fan community. Many of those who followed Sam and Dean from boys to men will feel like they are themselves a member of the Winchester family and have been known to act snidely towards others deemed not knowledgeable enough. Like Game of Thrones, the ending of Supernatural is another one that’s hotly debated among the fandom, as many were unhappy with how things turned out for the brothers – but that’s why many of them turned to fanfiction.