Ezra Miller Makes First Public Appearance To Support The Flash

Ezra makes a rare public appearance during The Flash's red carpet premiere.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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It’s an open secret that the upcoming DCU film The Flash has been one of the most unconventional summer blockbusters ever made. In addition to facing so many delays that it eventually went from being the most ambitious DCEU film to the movie effectively putting the DCEU to bed, the mental health struggles and subsequent alleged crimes of Ezra Miller have kept them out of the spotlight leading up to the release of The Flash. Now, though, the troubled actor has made their first public appearance to support the movie at its red carpet premiere, including personally thanking Peter Safran and James Gunn for their “grace and discernment and care in the context of my life.”

In all likelihood, this is all that Ezra Miller will say regarding all of the behind-the-scenes drama until long after The Flash has been released on Blu-Ray. Once James Gunn became the co-CEO of DC Studios, he inherited a lot of baggage, both in the form of films that were previously greenlit (like that second Shazam film that flopped so hard) and behind-the-scenes drama coming from DCEU actors.

This included Shazam star Zachary Levi tweeting apparent anti-vax messages shortly before his sequel came out, but that particular controversy really pales in comparison to all of the drama surrounding Ezra Miller.

When the pandemic halted production of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore in 2020, Miller took up living in an Iceland AirBNB along with many other expatriates and artists who allegedly enjoyed free lodging, drugs, and food courtesy of Miller. This sounds pretty chill, but there were also reports of Miller having frightening emotional outbursts. Two months later, footage went viral showing Ezra Miller choking a woman and throwing her to the ground at an Iceland bar, but this wouldn’t be the end of their controversies ahead of the eventual premiere of The Flash

There weren’t too many Ezra Miller updates for a couple of years, but things got very strange in 2022, over a year before the release of The Flash. This was around the time that Miller posted a video telling members of the KKK to shoot themselves or “we’ll do it for you,” and two months later, Miller was arrested for allegedly fighting with people inside a bar in Hawaii, leading to the release of earlier footage where Miller clashed with local police.

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Weeks later, Ezra Miller would be arrested in Hawaii again for allegedly striking a woman with a thrown chair, but only after allegedly stealing from and threatening the couple he’d been living with (the ones who paid his bail the first time).

The coming weeks and months stretched into a chaotic blur in which Miller was accused of grooming, sexual assault, and even breaking and entering into homes, the latter of which resulted in a felony charge. Fortunately, Ezra Miller eventually sought psychological help (very likely at the behest of the studio) and began quietly making court pleas and out-of-court settlements ahead of the release of The Flash. The last of those pleas occurred the month before the film received a killer Superbowl spot, and Warner-Discovery was clearly hoping the public had forgotten and forgiven the crimes of Ezra Miller.

And that brings us to the statement that Ezra Miller made about Peter Safran and James Gunn at the red carpet premiere of The Flash. The two co-CEOs never really spoke out against Miller publicly, and we’d bet all of Bruce Wayne’s fortune they helped to provide therapeutic resources and legal guidance as needed, which is likely why Miller explicitly thanked them in this way. However, despite all of the good buzz The Flash is getting, we have a feeling that the executives behind the DCU will be happy if they never have to work with Miller again after these whirlwind years of crazy drama.